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How to help the Bichon Frise keep warm?

Bichon Frise‘s fluffy, curly and thick hair often makes people mistakenly think that it has good resistance to cold. In fact, this is the wrong cognition. Maybe it is because you think so that the Bichon Frise is deeply affected by the pain and suffering of the disease. You still have to know when it’s time to warm the Bichon Frise. Many owners are confused by the thick hair and the overall appearance of the Bichon Frise. They think that the natural white coat on the Bichon Frise will not have any bad effect on the health even in the cold winter, so they do not pay too much attention to its life and physical condition. The next thing to face is that the Bichon Frise’s temperature rises, coughs, and diarrhea.


Thermal measures

1. Owners can thicken or replace the litter mats with warmer materials, such as pure cotton. The owner can remove the summer mat at the end of summer, and put its nest in a warm and ventilated place, not at the tuyere or outdoors.
2. When taking the bear for a walk, the owner should try his best to choose the sunny morning and warm afternoon, and try not to go out in the cool morning and night. If it is unavoidable, the owner must put on enough clothes to keep the dog warm, and the owner should also reduce the time the dog stays outside.
3. In the cold winter, the owner should not shave the Bichon Frise. The fur is a barrier against the cold. Owners can trim the Bichon Frise’s hair in summer, but the grooming work should be stopped in winter. Otherwise, its ability to keep out the cold is reduced, and the body of the bear will often be hurt by a cold and illness, which is not good.
4. By the way, there is another point that can not be ignored, that is, in winter, feeding mainly reduces the frequency of bathing for Bichon Frise dogs, and when bathing, they should also pay attention to maintaining the appropriate indoor temperature to reduce the probability of Bichon Frise dogs catching a cold.
If you have realized your previous cognitive error and know that the Bichon Frise is not afraid of the cold, then for its health, you should pay more attention to the changes of weather and temperature, and pay attention to its physical condition!

 Keep dry

Beagle dogs live in dry places. Wet places are easy for dogs to get skin diseases. Beagle puppies are afraid of cold. Therefore, the owners should do a good job of keeping the puppies warm. When sleeping at night, the owner should not let it climb on the floor, which will let the bear catch a cold.


Feeding regularly

In winter, it is also very important for the owner to feed the Bichon Frise. The pet should be fixed time, fixed point, and fixed quantity. In this way, it can develop the Bichon Frise’s timing conditioned reflex, secrete gastric juice, increase appetite, and promote digestion and absorption. In this way, the health of the Bichon Frise dog will be very good. It needs to be noted that there is no meal without a meal, so the absorption of Bichon Frise is not good!