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How to help Schnauzer take a bath?

Schnauzer is a lively dog, so it is easy to get dirty. If the owner often goes to the beauty shop for the dog bath, I believe the owner will spend a lot. Let’s take a look at how to wash a Schnauzer at home.


1. Dilute the bath first:

Although most dog baths have a dilution of their own, it has been found in practice that owners tend to use a larger dilution when bathing their schnauzers. The owner of the bath liquid that does not condense should also be diluted to use, so easy to Daub even, easy to get froth, also reduce to the stimulation of local skin hair.

2. The water temperature should be just right:

One of the most important things a breeder can do for a Schnauzer is to keep the water at the right temperature. The adult dog’s body temperature is about 38.5, the puppy 39-40, the water temperature had better approximate its body temperature, too cool and too hot all let the dog feel uncomfortable, winter water temperature appropriate higher. Dog Thoroughly wet owners can use bath liquid cleaning, cleaning owners do not use their hands to rub, the best in the same direction, so as not to cause knots. When you’re done with the Schnauzer, you can use some conditioner. Finally, the owner must give Schnauzer a clean wash!

3. Blow dry:

After giving Schnauzer a bath, the dog dips a towel in half dry, combs through the dog’s hair with a ruler, and then blows dries it. The main purpose of a dog’s diet is to dry the dog’s body hair to prevent the dog from catching a cold in cold weather. Attention to the owner to blow the roots first, then blow dry hair ends. The owner must pay attention to the wind size and temperature, overheating will harm hair and skin, too cold easy to catch a cold. The owners try not to get too much wind. The owner does not let the dog dry naturally because of the hot weather, the dog is easy to have a skin disease.

4. Anal gland cleansing:

For a period of time, owners should clean Schnauzer’s anal glands. Anal Gland in the anus below a point, the owner Finger Push, you can touch two balls, continue to push, will spray the fishy discharge.

5. Schnauzer’s ears:

The owner uses the ear drops oil, cleans the dirt in the Schnauzer dog’s ear with the cotton swab, regularly plucks the ear hair, after cleaning, dips in the ear powder with the cotton swab, spreads the inner ear, maintains the clean dry.


6. Schnauzer’s eyes:

The owner rinses the dog’s eyes with eye drops. Remove hair and eye secretions from the corners of the eyes.

7. Schnauzer’s nails:

The owner will use a special nail clipper to cut the nail to half of the Baise section, and then do a simple daily trim.

8. Trim Schnauzer’s soles:

The main cut off the dog toe pad between the hair, the dog’s feet have sweat glands, cut off will be cooler, but also clean. The owner should also trim the roots of the thighs, armpits, and underbelly where the hair is easily knotted, dirty, and cut up.

9. Trim the hair around Schnauzer’s eyes:

Schnauzer’s hair is easy to stick to the eyes, the owner can be appropriately trimmed, the way is carefully around the eyelids in the middle of the hair cut short, do not cut close to the skin, keep a certain length, do not let the hair stick to the eyes. You’ll have nice eye sockets. Two more things to note:
In the shower, the owner can turn the pot upside down and let Schnauzer stand on it, so the dog doesn’t move much. The owner should not allow water or bath fluid to flow into the dog’s ears, glasses, or nose. The owner can put cotton balls in the ears before washing.