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How to groom Tibetan spaniels?

How to groom Tibetan spaniels? Tibetan Spaniel has a smooth, medium-length double skin that is relatively easy to care for. Now let’s take a look at the steps to care for the Tibetan spaniel, so as to keep the fur of the Tibetan spaniel. We can also make a good hairstyle for the Tibetan spaniel.

Fur care for Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel has a medium length double-layer coat, so it doesn’t need much care, so the grooming of Tibetan mastiff is generally not too time-consuming. They have slight shedding throughout the year (especially in autumn and spring), so they need to brush their teeth twice a week (3-4 times a week in the shedding season). They also need to take a bath every two months, and you can cut their hair every three months or so according to your favorite hairstyle.


How to brush the coat of a Tibetan Spaniel?

You can first wet the coat with mist in the spray bottle, then use a smooth brush to cross the coat with a typical line brush. Rake off all the dead hairs on your coat once every two weeks. In the unhairing season, brush frequently and use the bottom rake to help to unhair at least once a week.
If you’re brushing Tibetan Spaniel in a bathtub, the Tibetan spaniel is small enough to take a bath in the kitchen sink. You can use dog Shampoo (and conditioner, if necessary). Then you need to wash the Tibetan Spaniel clean, dry it with a towel, and quickly brush it with another brush to make it look clean and healthy.

How often does Tibetan Spaniel get a haircut?

Tibetan Spaniel has a haircut about every three months. Some owners learn to cut their own dog hair, while others rely on professional beauticians. Either way, it’s a good idea to meet a beautician at least once, because he or she can provide some additional skills to teach you how to be a general beautician for a Tibetan hound.
Tibetan Spaniel styling and hairstyle
Here are three popular Tibetan hound hairstyles:
(1) Puppies: in this low maintenance style, a Tibetan Hound is shaved close (1.5-2 inches) at all. Some owners choose to lengthen their legs, tail and neck. It can be directed by a beautician at home.
(2) Little lion: this creative style makes the treasure like a little lion. The head, chest, neck, forelegs and the front half of the body remain full length; the back half of the body, hind legs and tail (except the tip) are shaved very short. It’s best done by a beautician.

(3) Teddy bear: you can turn Tibby into a cute little plush toy animal. The hair was shaved to about two inches. The hair on the legs and face, as well as the wrinkles on the neck, is carefully rounded and carved into the shape of a teddy bear. You can do it at home according to the beautician’s instructions, but it may take a little practice.
Nutrition and health care of Tibetan Spaniel
In order to maintain healthy skin and fur, as well as overall health, it is important that you provide good nutrition to Tibetan spaniel, and treat your Tibetan spaniel with a good balanced diet, vitamins and health.