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How to groom poodle?

Many people like poodles, but they don’t know how to take care of them every day. So let’s take a look at how to help poodles take care of their hair?

1. Back trimming

It is better for parents to comb the hair on the back of the poodle regularly, so as to remove the dead hair on the body, which is conducive to the growth of new hair. And the owner bathes the poodle once or twice a week. And when the owner bathes the poodle, he or she can apply some pet special bright hair oil or coconut oil to brighten the poodle’s hair or use the natural pet bath for pets. If it’s winter and it’s not convenient to bathe the dog, you can wipe the dog’s body with warm water every week to remove the dust. In addition, after combing each time, the owner had better clean the poodle’s hair, so as to make its hair shiny. We should know that poodles generally will have ears clipped. The quality of the ears determines the appearance and temperament of the poodle. If it is a racing dog, even the competition will stipulate that it is necessary to make a standing ear decision to compete, and whether it is good or not will affect the performance of the race. The best time to perform ear surgery is when the Doberman is two months old. Once the age does not match, surgery is risky. Dogs that are too weak may risk fatal surgery.

2. Ear trimming

If the poodle is still lactating, the owner can trim his dog’s toenails to prevent the pup from scratching his mother. The owner can use the electric pusher to trim the hair outside the ear against the hair, remove the excess hair from the inner ear and the ear root along the direction from the ear tip to the ear root, and trim the hair at the boundary of the ear root. Of course, the trimmed hair should be brushed out with a brush.

3. Trim the hair of the jaw

The owner should use the fine hair scissors to trim the hair at the throat in the middle of the neck. Never use the common scissors and electric pushers, because the scissors will not cut neatly, and the fur will have holes. It is better for the owner to trim the hair on the chest and shoulder against the growth direction of the hair.