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How to groom one-year-old Corgi?

Corgi usually starts to explode when it grows to 8-9 months. At this time, the color of hair will increase sharply, and the hair will be smooth and beautiful, and the body shape will be more smooth and pleasing. If you find that Corgi at home is one year old and has not had a hair explosion, his hair quantity is small and rare, and its appearance is very embarrassing to see, the pet owner needs to find ways to help it maintain his hair and speed up its hair explosion, and share some measures to help Corgi protect its hair and burst its hair.


1、 The owner often comb Corgi’s hair

A corgi is a dog with two layers of hair. In rural areas, the grass-roots layer is fine and short plush, and the surface layer is tough and solid. No matter what kind of hair will fall off, it will be more obvious in the case of changing seasons. Therefore, I still remember to take some time to help Corgi finish his hair. In case of changing seasons, he should comb his hair frequently to reduce the deposition of dead hair and old hair and accelerate the blood circulation system of the skin To promote its fur upgrade.

2、 Pay attention to vitamin supplement

In fact, the quality of the dog’s hair can reflect its nutritional composition and physical condition. If Corgi’s daily diet is too simple, or if he often takes some high salt and oil food, the nutritional composition of the body is not balanced, which is not only harmful to the physical and mental health of internal organs but also continues to harm its hair quality so that it does not have sufficient nutrients to explode hair. For this matter, pet owners should pay attention to improve the nutrition and diet management methods of Corgi, which can Select such as chicken breast meat, beef and mutton, salmon, egg yolk, carrot, seaweed, and other physical and mental health food, often make a nutritious diet for it to eat, and add some quick pet wool to help it fill in the nutrients needed for hair growth and development, and better maintain hair and hair.


3、 Timely pest control and effective bath

It is not recommended that pet owners shave the whole body’s hair during Corgi’s hair changing period, in case there is no hair maintenance, Corgi is invaded by sparganum or other harmful bacteria. It is better to carry out in vitro deworming for Corgi once a month. At ordinary times, some dog skin antibacterial agents are used to maintain the skin, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of its fur. Usually, the bath work should be effectively distributed. It is not necessary to give Corgi too often to prevent damaging the natural barrier of its skin. Wash it once every one to two weeks. Choose a special pet bath milk to gently clean it. After washing, you should dry the hair as soon as possible. Generally, it is better to let it bask in the sun moderately. Soft sun exposure will also be beneficial to the physical and mental health of fur.