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How to groom a mountain cur?

How to groom the mountain cur? The coat of mountain cur is relatively short, so it won’t lose much. In addition to occasionally brushing his coat, the coyote only needs regular maintenance. The maintenance of mountain cur includes brushing teeth several times a week and cleaning the ears of mountain cur if necessary.

Pay attention to the appearance of the mountain cur when maintaining it

Mountain cur is a dog breed bred in the United States. Specifically, according to dogmal, they originated in Europe, but were brought to Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee in the early 20th century. These mountain curs were raised only for hunting. The grooming of mountain cur can make mountain cur a better working dog. Mountain cur is just a hard-working dog. It is a cross breed of other working dogs. Like the black billed rat and the whole cur species, mountain rats like to hunt wild boars, squirrels and so on. This mountain cur has a square face with thick ears. The eyes of these mountain curs can have varying degrees of brown, from dark to amber, which usually matches their fur color. Mountain cur has a slim and athletic build with long legs, perfect for rugged terrain.

Tail groom of mountain cur

The tail of mountain cur is very low, short and short, but some tails are of medium length. The mountain cur also has a double coat, which is a close fitting and stubble like look. Thick topcoat is short, thick and rough, while inner coat provides soft insulation.
The common fur colors on these dogs include brown, black, red, yellow and blue. Many of the moutain curs also have markings, tan or white. At six months of age, the mountain cur is up to 16 inches (41 cm) tall and weighs up to 24 pounds (11 kg). The adult size of mountain cur can range from medium to large. Males can grow to 18 to 26 inches (46 to 66 cm) tall, while females can grow to 16 to 24 inches (41 to 61 cm). The average male and female weight of this mountain cur breed can be between 30 and 60 pounds (14 and 27 kg).

Hair groom of mountain cur


The mountain cur also has a double jacket, which is thick and close to the body. It also has a stubble like appearance. Thick topcoat is short, thick and rough, while inner coat provides soft insulation. Later, we will introduce how to maintain your mountain cur in more detail.
Mountain cur is a kind of dog with low maintenance cost. Mount cur needs to brush occasionally with a rubber brush to remove loose hair from their coats, but they won’t shed too much and your house will remain relatively hairless. They take off their clothes more than twice a year, and you may need to groom them more often when they take off their summer and winter coats. Mountain cur don’t need to bathe often because it will dry their skin. If you need to bathe them, you should use shampoo designed for sensitive skin. Manicure should be done once a month or when necessary. Because coyotes are outdoor dogs, they may actually need less manicure because the ground will naturally wear their nails. You also need to check the ears of your mountain cur when you are grooming mountain cur. As we mentioned above, deafness is one of the few health problems that mountain cur can tolerate, so it is important to check the ears of mountain cur regularly. If you see something unusual while maintaining the mountain cur, you should take them to the vet. Buy a Mountain cur.

Grooming and maintenance of mountain cur

The maintenance cost of mountain cur is very low. Because mountain cur’s skin dries easily, it’s best to bathe them only when they need to. They take off their coats twice a year and may need to brush their teeth more often. But beyond that, don’t be too frequent. Don’t forget to trim its nails and clean its ears as needed. In terms of nutrition, you should feed mountain cur puppies and dogs with high-quality dog food. You can also prepare your veterinary approved homemade food. These make it easier to maintain the mountain cur.