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How to groom a Maltese?

Known for its elegance, the Maltese is a very intelligent, energetic, and loyal breed to its owner. Maltese is a toy dog with white silky fur from head to toe. His manner is gentle and affectionate, enthusiastic and active, and despite his small size, he has the energy he needs to be a companion dog. A Maltese is a gentle dog. It is safe to let it play with the children at home. So what aspects should we take care of the Maltese? Let’s have a look together.

1. Hair

The coat of a Maltese dog is snow white and very glossy. Its hair is long, so it can be very difficult to take care of. Therefore, in order to prevent their long hair from knotting and hiding filth, it is necessary to comb their hair every day and bathe them regularly.


2. Toenails

Maltese dogs are generally kept at home as pet dogs, so their toenails can not be smoothed with the help of external force. At this time, the pet owner should often help it trim the toenails. When trimming the toenails, professional tools should be used to avoid hurting the dog.

3. Teeth

The health of the dog’s teeth is also related to the health of the dog’s body. Therefore, the pet owner must often help the dog clean his teeth. He can clean the dog’s teeth with tooth powder, or buy dog bite glue for the dog.

4. Ears

The dog’s ear is also a place easy to hide dirt, so pet owners should regularly help dogs clean their ears.


5. Pruning

The dog’s hair trim is also a very important part, pet mainly helps the dog to clean the hair around the abdomen, anus, and toe seam regularly.
The above is the nursing care of Maltese dogs need to know a few aspects, I hope each pet owner can take seriously.

In the high-temperature season, we should not only take more baths for the Maltese dog but also pay more attention to the dog’s ear cleaning. Before bathing the dog, we should first remove the dog’s food ear wax, and use sterile absorbent cotton to wet the ear canal and ear surrounding dirt, but pay attention to the cotton ball can not carry water. We should strictly prevent water from staying in the dog’s ears. Before each bath, the owner should plug the dog’s ear canal with a cotton ball to avoid water entering. Because this dog is easy to get ear inflammation in summer. Usually, we should often pay attention to observe the dog’s mental state, if the dog’s spirit is not good, it may be ill. We should pay attention to whether the dog’s nose pad is dry and hot; whether the stool is lax; if the appetite is not good, the dog is likely to suffer from digestive system diseases. Once the owner finds out the above abnormal conditions, it is necessary to find out the causes in time and take targeted measures to give treatment; if the dog’s condition is serious, it should be treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible.