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How to groom a Malinois?

This is Malinois’ grooming guide, including tips on how to groom Malinois’s hair and coat, manicure and shower instructions for Malinois puppies and dogs.

Malinois’ groom skills

We should brush our hair frequently when we are grooming Malinois, which will help reduce the loss of Malinois and keep the skin clean. When we groom Malinois, we need to know that in summer or other warm weather, we check ticks and fleas every day. Many Malinois don’t need to bathe more than a few times a year. When we are grooming Malinois, we should know to comb or cut the pad on the dog’s coat before bathing him or her. You should wash all the soap off Malinois coat carefully, otherwise dirt will stick to the soap.


Malinois’ grooming behavior

When we groom Malinois, we need to know that compared with adult Malinois, cubs are obviously the easiest to deal with. You can carry the Malinois, and then you can put it under the dog’s chest with one hand, and support the hind legs and hips with the forearm or the other hand. Don’t try to lift or grab your puppy’s foreleg, nape or tail. When you’re going to pick up a bigger adult Malinois, pick it up from below and support her chest with one arm and her hips with the other.

Malinois’ coat groom

We need to know that one of the reasons for the massive shedding of Malinois in Belgium is that they have a double layer of hair. Their fur is soft and thick. The outer coat consists of straight hairs harder than the inner coat. The Malinois coat is weather resistant and waterproof. One thing you may not know about Malinois groom is that they have a black tip on each hair. Malinois has black ears and a black mask on his face.

The hair of Malinois falls off in spring and autumn

We need to be prepared in spring and autumn when we are grooming Malinois, because this is the season when your Belgian Malinois will shed a lot. It’s a standard and natural process that almost every dog breed goes through. In these seasons, shedding becomes heavy as Malinois prepares for the coming season. In summer, they don’t need heavy coats, so they take off most of the winter coats. In the same way, when we give Malinois groom, we should know that they need to protect themselves from the cold weather, so they take off their summer coats in autumn.

Is Malinois hypoallergenic?

no Malinois cannot be classified as hypoallergenic. Malinois can shed moderately and carry allergens through shedding. If you are allergic to a dog, remember that this dog can make it worse or will most likely trigger an allergic reaction. When we look at Malinois, we need to know that they fall off all the year round, twice a year. When you’re allergic, this shedding doesn’t help.

How to reduce the shed of Malinois?

Although the molting of Malinois in Belgium is less than that in Germany, if you don’t go ahead, his molting may become unstoppable. When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that keeping your dog alone all year long is not the solution. You must take measures to keep the dog’s fur healthy and reduce its shedding.

Malinois coat grooming

When we give Malinois groom, we should know that this breed of dog has a short, thick, double coat, and does not need too much care, so Belgian Malinois combs relatively simple whole. They do shed a little (twice a year in the shedding season, a lot of them), so Belgians need to brush their teeth once or twice a week (4-5 times a week in the shedding season) to remove dead hair; if the dog becomes particularly dirty or smelly, they only need to take a bath occasionally. Their short coats don’t need pruning or pruning. You can brush the Belgians in a typical way. When we groom Malinois, we should know that an oval needle brush is the best one. Some owners also use it to shed leaves in spring and autumn. (these two grooming tools are available in most pet stores.) And it could be a good idea – especially during the hair removal season – to brush your dog outdoors to avoid extra vacuuming at home. If you plan to bathe your Marino, please read the bathing section of this page.

The groom frequency of Malinois

When we give Malinois groom, we should know that Malinois toothbrush needs to be brushed 2-3 times a week. The double coat of these dogs will shed most of the time (shedding season is more serious), so regular brushing is recommended. For Malinois, the best brush is the needle brush, because it is the easiest to pass through thick and hard hair.

How to groom Malinois?


How do we paint Malinois? We can first wet the coat with the mist in the spray bottle, then use the brush to cross the coat one by one, and move towards the direction of hair growth. When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that we need to brush Malinois frequently (4-5 times a week, if not every day) during the spring and autumn shedding season. Some owners also like to use the go off tool once or twice a week during these periods (and regularly throughout the year) to help collect dead hair. Because Malinois’ hair is short and thick, they are easy to dress up and don’t need to spend a lot of time on their coats. This is a relatively simple process compared to some other heavy shepherd breeds in general. Malinois needs to brush his teeth twice a week. When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that in spring and autumn, when you see an increase in shedding, the frequency of brushing should increase. At this time, you should brush your Malinois at least four to five times a week. Malinois bristles are necessary to remove dead and loose hair that is about to fall on your furniture and floor. If you pick up this hair while brushing your teeth, it means you won’t have to clean it from the floor in the future. Brushing your teeth can make your life easier. We need to know that an oval needle brush is the best tool for your Malinois. Most car owners recommend the use of shed leaves in spring and autumn to cope with severe shedding. Both are easy to buy in pet shops. When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that every season, you can brush your dog’s teeth outside the house. Brushing your teeth outside means there is no messy hair at home. You may want to talk to your neighbor first, because the hair will fly out, and it may fall on your neighbor’s clothes and backyard.

How to bathe Malinois?

Malinois only needs to bathe occasionally, or if their fur is dirty or smelly. If your Malinois coat contains knots or tangles, you should try to brush it out before taking a bath, which will help release any hidden dirt mass tangles that may hold. When bathing, use a bathtub or outdoor children’s pool and garden hose.
Be sure to use dog shampoo, because shampoo designed for humans can irritate dog skin. Make sure the shampoo is “rubbed” into the thick base coat of Belgium; rinse thoroughly, wipe dry with a towel and brush through with another quick brush to make the coat look clean and tidy.

Malinois’ groom style and hairstyle

In short, no Malinois haircut is required. Even so, some believe that shaving Malinois’ fur short will reduce shedding and help keep it cool in summer. However, professional beauticians will tell you that both ideas are myths.

Does Malinois need to be shaved for the groom?

This is not recommended because in double coated dogs, the hair that falls off comes from the down. So unless a dog’s head is shaved – that’s not a good idea! –The undercover is still here. The dog is still molting. The only difference between the Malinois of Belgium after shaving is that the lost hair may be shorter. The shaved Malinois won’t be cool in warm weather. The dog’s double skin acts as a natural climate control system to regulate body temperature. When we groom Malinois, we should know that on hot days, cold air is trapped between the coat layers to prevent the dog from overheating; the same thing happens in cold weather. A shaved, double coated dog has no natural insulation, is more prone to sunburn and heatstroke, and is clearly susceptible to cold. When a shaved coat comes back, its texture becomes uneven and soft. The only reason people in Malinois, Belgium shave is to prepare for surgery or other medical procedures. We need to know that your veterinarian will have a further discussion with you when we give Malinois a groom treatment. You should bathe your dog only when you need it. Although bathing helps to reduce shedding, you should not bathe often, because if you bathe repeatedly, it is not healthy for Malinois people in Belgium. You can give your dog a sponge bath when he really stinks or is covered in mud or dirt. Brush your Belgian Malinois before taking a bath. Brushing your teeth will help untie any knots that appear in your dog’s coat, which will help you keep your dog in a healthy and beautiful coat. When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that for the same reason, it’s necessary to brush your teeth after a bath. You should use dog shampoo on your dog, not shampoo designed for human beings. Human shampoo will stimulate your Malinois. Always buy high quality groom products. Conditioner is a good idea to help your dog’s coat soft and tidy. Buy a Malinois.

Should you shave your Malinois regularly?

When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that you shouldn’t shave your Malinois unless the veterinarian advises you to. Some owners shave their dogs to reduce shedding. This concept is totally wrong and not healthy for your dog. Shaving your dog may reduce shedding a little, but it’s never good for your dog. Just because you don’t want to do your hair at home, you shouldn’t shave your dog. These are the things you should think about before you buy a dog that will shed its hair. Shaving your dog will only disrupt its natural insulation. When we’re grooming Malinois, we need to know that dogs regulate their body temperature in their own way. A haircut and shave can be the worst thing in the process. Shaving will make your dog more susceptible to fleas and parasites. It is more likely that your Belgian Malinois will be bitten by these insects when the skin comes into contact with them. When we groom Malinois, we need to know that these bites can cause skin infections and may lead to hair shed in dogs. In hot weather and summer, your dog is more likely to be sunburned because of shaving. The coat and fur will not be there to protect him from the heat. Last but not least, your hair may not grow back in time, and your Malinois may not have his coat in winter.