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How to groom a Kuvasz?

How to groom a Kuvasz? It’s not difficult for us to comb Kuvasz’s hair, although their fur needs regular maintenance. Their thick coat will fall off all year round, and the owner should brush it several times a week to prevent it from being scratched, and remove the hair. Kuvasz doesn’t smell bad, and their fur repels dirt and water, making them look and smell clean. Kuvasz usually does not need to bathe frequently, and the owner should bathe according to Kuvasz’s needs.


Claw pruning of Kuvasz

The grooming process usually covers the whole body, including Kuvasz‘s claws. Like all varieties, these Kuvasz require regular manicures. If Kuvasz’s nails are too long, they can become uncomfortable and even painful. A good way to tell if a dog’s nails are too long is to listen to their clicking on the ground as they move. If you hear a click on the floor, maybe it’s time to open the scissors. These Kuvasz usually have their nails cut every two to three weeks.


Dental care in Kuvasz

These Kuvasz need to brush their teeth every day, and their fur. Brushing teeth often helps to remove tartar, prevent the accumulation of tartar and keep the dog fresh. Without proper dental care, they are at risk of gum infection and tooth decay. It is recommended that they brush their teeth at least 2-3 times a week.
Kuvasz’s ears are susceptible to infection
Kuvasz‘s large, downward ear drop makes it easier to get a Kuvasz ear infection. There are almost no bacteria in the air stream in the canal. Regular ear cleaning helps remove excess wax and bacteria that build up in the dog’s ears. We clean the ears of Kuvasz dogs at least once a week.