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How to groom a Hungarianpuli?

How to groom a Hungarianpuli? Hungarianpuli is certainly compelling. No other dog has a long braid like this one. You might understand Hungarianpuli as a serious grooming challenge, but drying its weatherproof coat is actually the most time-consuming part of keeping it clean.


Step 1 to groom a Hungarianpuli

Stroke your Hungarianpuli constantly with your fingers to encourage his fur to grow into a rope. Your Hungarianpuli has a double coat, soft and fluffy underneath, and heavy ropes above. When he is a puppy, only the undercoat is visible. Until 6 months of age, you can brush him occasionally with a bristle brush if you wish, but Hungarianpuli keepers recommend using hands instead. After six months, his vocal cords have begun to develop and his hair needs more attention. The most important thing is to keep its coat clean and free of small branches and grass seeds and other debris. Your Hungarianpuli doesn’t need to bathe very often unless he rolls a lot of smelly stuff.

Step 2 to groom a Hungarianpuli

Around the Hungarianpuli, you will take off the MATS and separate the ropes. You need to go through each line from the skin to the top. You can’t just give Hungarianpuli a quick comb, so you’ll be ready to spend more time with his hair. Give him a bath every six to eight weeks on average, and trim his hair to 4 to 6 inches if you don’t want his dreadlocks to accumulate more dust. Ideally, you should check his string daily for dirt to prevent it from tangling and keep the string separate and in good shape. In fact, take as many pieces off his coat as you can in between showers. Use a good anti-flea product to prevent fleas, or its fur will be scraped off. It took him five years to develop his vocal cords, so another five years would be enough. It will be tough on you and Hungarianpuli.

Step 3 to groom a Hungarianpuli

Bathe Hungarianpuli with lots of water and diluted shampoo. Dilute the shampoo by a ratio of 6 to 1. Its fur is more like felt and it’s hard to get wet completely. You need to dilute the shampoo because if you don’t rinse the shampoo thoroughly, his skin will become allergic. It takes 30 minutes to wash his coat, so you’d better ask your lover to do it for you. Skin irritation can cause hair loss, just like a flea infection, which can lead to the need to shave, resulting in a bald dog.


Step 4 to groom a Hungarianpuli

After bathing at Hungarianpuli, you will squeeze out as much water as possible with your hands and cover him with a towel. A breeder suggested putting your Puree in an old sweatshirt to soak up moisture, although you might need to change it two or three times because his coat is quite watery. Buy some from a thrift store so That Pooley has her own swimsuit. Due to the texture of the coat, it is important for Hungarianpuli to dry completely. If Hungarianpuli does not dry out completely, bacteria will form in the umbilical cord and you will have a very smelly pet. Now this is the time-consuming part. When you have wrung out as much water as possible, let him stand in front of a fan to finish drying. He’s unlikely to stand still for hours, so you might find it easier to put him in a dog cage overnight by turning a fan to warm him up. After a few hours you will examine Hungarianpuli’s coat. If there is any moisture, put him back in front of the fan.