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How to groom a Gordon setter?

You can join us if you are thinking of how to groom your Gordon setter. We think you’ll find it a perfect sharing, especially with your puppy buyers who just want their pets to look well-trimmed and don’t want to pay for the beauty salon every time the dog gets hairy. Please note that these grooming guidelines are more suitable for grooming than for show competition pet Gordon setter breeds. The standard says the coat should be soft and shiny, straight or slightly wavy, but not curly, with long hair on the ears, under the stomach and chest, behind the front and rear legs, and on the tail.


Beauty equipment is needed and beauty tools are recommended

You need a straight shear (at least 7 inches long) and a thinner pair of scissors – 42 or more teeth work best (don’t be stingy with quality when buying scissors, you’ll only regret it). A medium / coarse comb, a medium smooth brush, a wire needle brush, a nail clipper (preferably not a guillotine type) clotting powder such as Kwik stop. A high-quality dog scissors, such as Andy AGC or Oster A5 model. Other useful tools include the Mars coat King stripper (18 blades), toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental tools for scraping excess tartar.

The beauty procedure of the Gordon Setter

The purpose of pruning any dog is to bring it as close as possible to the standard of its breed. For example, if a particular Gordon has a big head and a light body, it would be best to trim the head and leave a thick body coat. On the other hand, a dog with a small, light bone on its head will be trimmed more closely in the body, while the head will be less refined. These are extreme examples, just to provide an idea for the following suggestions. The end result of this proposal is to enable you to trim your dog to give it a balanced, Gordon setter type look.
In order to make your Gordon look good, he/she must get used to daily life and stand firm when you work for him. It’s important to start with your dog and start early. Put the dog on a non-slip table or on top of the crate. It is not advisable to use a restless dog to comb the arms, as they may slip off the table and get hurt even if you are standing next to them. Use the ť f blade on the electric scissors (you can use a ා 10 when you are more skilled in using the scissors, but the ා 7F leaves a long coat), starting from the chin, extend the scissors down the throat, about 2 inches from the sternum.


Clean the hair under and behind the ears of the Gordon setter

You need to clean the hair around and under the ears of the Gordon setter. For both sides and the top of the neck, start from the back of the occipital bone, then tilt along the neck in a continuous sweep, passing through the shoulders to the top of the scapula. If there are any shear marks on the shoulder or neck after that, use thin scissors to remove them. You should avoid pushing and cutting where the neck is connected to the body. Do not use scissors at the top of the neck. Clean the whole face with scissors. This is the best way to remove the beard, should be removed to make the chin outline clear. Also, you should examine the sides of the head and slightly up to form a “rounded skull.”. The ears are trimmed with a 10 blade, one-third down, and blended with long hair.
Don’t stop pruning all of a sudden – make sure you end up with a thicker blade or thinner scissors to get longer hair. Thin scissors are usually used in combination with combs. With a pair of thin scissors pointing in the direction of your hair, comb your hair as you walk. For beginners, it’s better to use longer cutting blades and move closer with their proficiency. Excess neck and back hair can be trimmed with your thin scissors or removed with a stripper. Don’t forget to use the bathtub when it’s wet!