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How to groom a Briard?

How to groom a Briard? Briard’s long, fluffy fur takes a lot of work – so as you can imagine, Briard’s grooming is quite a time-consuming process. For most of the year, Briard’s hair loss is light (in the spring and autumn, they lose more hair when they “blow” up their coats). Briard’s inner hair is often trapped under the outer coat, resulting in frequent tangles and mats. That means we need to brush Briard every day to prevent his fur from getting messy. Briards also needs to take a bath every 6-8 weeks, but not more than that number, because too much bathing can cause the natural waterproof oil on the coat to fall off. What’s more, Briard doesn’t need a haircut at all – although some shop owners cut Briard’s coat several times a year to reduce their maintenance costs.


How to brush Briard?

If you want to brush your briard, you need a needle brush and a 2 in 1 comb. First wet the coat with mist in the spray bottle, then start from the shoulders, brush the hair one by one, and move along the direction of hair growth. Make sure that each stroke starts at the root and then sweeps out smoothly. First try to solve it with your fingers, then continue to solve it with a comb. Finally, brush your legs and chest, then comb your hair, ears and face with a comb.

How to bathe Briard?

If you plan to give Briard a bath after brushing, you must use dog shampoo, because human shampoo can irritate the dog’s skin. You can take a bath in a bathtub or in an outdoor children’s pool with a garden hose. You can wet your coat first and then soak your shampoo. Then you can wash your head, ears and face with a towel; rinse your coat thoroughly, dry it with a towel, and then brush it again quickly to make it look clean and healthy. While many owners like the full length of their Briard coat, you can make your Briard coat shorter to make it easier to take care of. You can learn to jacket yourself, but it’s better to see a professional beautician at least once. The beautician can demonstrate the correct pruning method and provide tips on combing the Briard.


How to get rid of Briard’s tangles?

Briard’s coat is known to tangle quite easily – if allowed to develop, tangles will form mats that are almost impossible to remove! Brushing your teeth often is of course the best defense. However, if you do get tangled in Briard’s coat, here are two ways to deal with it: first, you just need to separate your hair with your thumb and index finger, and if necessary, strand by strand. If you like, you can use a Greyhound comb with one hand. You can also spray with a detangle solution before you start to lubricate your hair. Second, you can use a demoulding tool. With a tool like a defibrillator, it’s unlikely that the thorns will get tangled in the first place. Unhairing tools can remove dead hair from the inner coat, otherwise, they will roar in the outer coat – the problem is that these tools usually remove healthy hair and dead hair together, which makes the coat look uneven. On the whole, we use our fingers better.