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How to get poodle to respond to its name?

When raising a poodle, parents will give it a name, right? But it’s better for parents to name a poodle that is easy to remember and easy to call. This will be very helpful for its name response training in the future. Because, after all, when the parents gave it this name, they certainly hope that it can respond quickly when they call it this name. But if the training method or way of responding to its name is not right, then the final training effect will not be very satisfactory. So how to train poodles to respond to names?

1. Identify a clear name:

We know that a clear, catchy, and smooth sounding name is very important for poodles. Therefore, parents must choose the name according to this condition. If you think about it in the future when you praise or criticize him, when you call up his name, you must expect the poodle to respond to it. So parents can do this in training: first, parents can prepare some snacks or toys as bait, then shake the bait when calling the poodle’s name, and then when it sees it, I believe it will come to you.

2. Let the poodle form conditioned reflex

In addition, in the face of different situations, the tone of calling its name should also be different. For example, when praising it, we must call its name with the tone of utmost tenderness, and when criticizing it, we must call it with the tone of speaking immediately. To know that calling the poodle’s name is a very effective way to attract its attention, so parents should call it repeatedly after it knows its name so that it forms a conditioned reaction.

3. Material encouragement:

There is also a more important point is that when parents play with it, first give it some benefits, so that it can hear its own name when it gets the benefit, and soon it will come when you call its name.