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How to feed three breeds of the Schnauzer?

Some novice parents for the first time to raise Schnauzer, do not know how to feed, how to feed the dog every day to feed the number of things is the most annoying thing, feed less for fear of the dog not enough to eat, feed and worry about the dog overstuffed body. Although schnauzer may eat differently depending on his characteristics, most of Schnauzer’s daily food intake can be determined. Schnauzer falls into three general body types:


1. Miniature Schnauzer:

The intelligence quotient of mini Schnauzer Dog ranks the 12th in the world dog breeds ranking, which belongs to the dog breed with high intelligence quotient. Because it has a smart mind, the mini Schnauzer is easy to train and can quickly learn to master the master’s command. Even if some of the more complex or difficult movements, as long as the owner is willing to spend some time, the mini Schnauzer can master it skillfully.
The Miniature Schnauzer weighs a maximum of 9 kg and is weaned at 2 months of age, after which 110 G of dog food is prepared daily. As Schnauzer is still in his infancy, his teeth and stomach have not yet been able to eat dry, hard dog food, so the owner had better soften the food before feeding it to the dog. After another month, parents can increase the dog’s daily feeding amount by 10g or so, of course, at this stage, parents can also gradually turn soft dog food to dry food. By the time Schnauzer is four months old, he’ll be eating about 140 grams of dog food a day, but in general, they’ll be eating about the same amount, so from now on, parents will only need to feed their dogs according to this standard every day.

2. Standard Schnauzer:

The Standard Schnauzer Dog does not appear in the world dog species IQ ranking, but according to the performance of the Standard Schnauzer, its IQ should be higher than that of the Giant Schnauzer. The Standard Schnauzer is full of wisdom, intelligence, courage, good judgment, vitality, and willingness to accept training.
The Standard Schnauzer has a maximum bodyweight of about 18 kg, and nature eats a little more, so they need to eat about 200 G of dog food every day at 2 months. At three months of age, they need to eat about 280 grams of dog food a day, so owners should pay attention to the food supply. By the time Schnauzer was four months old, they were eating a steady diet of around 300 grams of dog food a day.


3. Giant Schnauzer:

The intelligence quotient of Giant Schnauzer Dog ranks 28th in the world dog species intelligence quotient ranking, and it is also a relatively advanced dog species. The Giant Schnauzer Dog has excellent quality. It is warm and alert, intelligent and reliable, calm, alert, and brave. It is usually used as a police dog in foreign countries because of its intelligence, good obedience, easy training, and calm and steady personality.
The giant Schnauzer is a large dog, weighing around 41 kg, so by the time they are two months old, they are already eating as much as a typical adult schnauzer. And the host has to increase the amount of food they eat by 50 grams per month. However, the consumption of large dogs will become stable after half a year after birth, until the daily amount of about one catty so far, of course, to dog food as a staple food can allow dogs to eat the most healthy, to meet the nutritional needs of the body.