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How to feed a Schnauzer puppy?

When you plan to raise a Schnauzer, you should have the basic equipment for the dog, such as bowls, canteens, cages, urine pads, dog food, toys, etc. It likes to be with his master all the time. Here’s what you need to know about Miniature Schnauzer maintenance.


1. What does a Schnauzer puppy eat?

Baby Mini Schnauzer just got back. No showers, no walks for 20 days. Baby Mini Schnauzer can not eat meat or drink milk for two months after it comes home. To congee-like food or dry food soaked in water after consumption is appropriate. Other foods that often cause indigestion, diarrhea, etc. should not be eaten by dogs. The owner feeds Schnauzer four times a day. 2/3 Of a Standard Paper Cup at a time. The owner can be soft with hot water to give Schnauzer to eat, the owner must not let Schnauzer eat more and eat chaos.

2. Quality Assurance:

If the owner wants to add nutrients to the Miniature Schnauzer, add a cooked egg yolk every day, keeping in mind that one yolk should be fed three times. Do not feed the dog too cold or too hot food, this will cause damage to the puppy’s mouth. Don’t feed the puppy spoiled and rotten food. Should immediately throw away every meal of dog food, every time to feed the best basin wash food, this can prevent diarrhea or food poisoning. Don’t disturb the puppy when he is eating, or he will become very nervous when he is eating.

3. Stay hydrated:

Water supply should be adequate, feed the main preparation of clean containers, do not feed raw water, to cool the boiled water, and constantly change the fresh water, do not change the old water for several days. The main purpose of the feeding is to let the dog drink freely. The main dog in the home 21 days to do deworming. The owner had better go to the pet hospital to consult a doctor, a bit more professional, food is also assured.


4. Keep Schnauzer warm:

Puppies fear the cold, so whether it is winter or summer, we should pay attention to do a good job of puppy warmth. Do not let the puppy’s abdomen for a long time on the ground, so easy to catch cold, causing diarrhea or a cold. Don’t pander to your puppy by begging for food. It can lead to bad behavior, and the puppy can quickly become overweight. Establish a strict feeding schedule for the puppy to eat in his bowl. Puppies should also be taught to sit and wait for food, and to start eating only with the owner’s permission.

5. Points to note:

It is essential that Schnauzer be regularly vaccinated, something his hosts must not lose sight of. In fact, due to the cold weather in winter, so the owners can not cut the dog’s hair too short, if the hair cut too thin, the dog will lose the natural cold barrier, even if they put on clothes, it is difficult to keep warm. Conversely the dog summer will be afraid of the heat, so in the summer can be appropriate to the dog to shave the summer, avoid taking the dog out for a walk during the day. And the owners have to keep the air flowing.