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How to feed a mountain cur?

How do we feed mountain cur? The mountain cur breed is one of the rarest dog breeds. These dogs are energetic, enthusiastic and enjoy outdoor activities. They have an interesting history that connects them with the early colonists of the southern United States, and are known for their protective and excellent hounds. The term “cur” refers to the working dog, which is raised for grazing, hunting and protecting the owner’s property. It is also the general term for all kinds of dogs with highly similar characteristics and uses.

What should we feed mountain cur?

First, make sure your dog eats nutritious dry dog food mixed with water or broth. Snacks of mountain cur should account for less than 10% of their daily calorie intake. Mountain cur puppies need to eat high quality dog food specially prepared for puppies. For 8 to 12 week old mountain cur, we should feed 4 cups of dog food per day. When mountain cur is 3 to 6 months old, we can reduce one cup.
Once your mountain cur has become an adult dog, you’d better feed two to three cups of dog food per day, divided into two small portions.

Can we feed mountain cur dog food?

Dog food is indispensable for mountain cur. As we mentioned above, the environment of mountain cur in the suburbs of China is not very good. As a hunting dog, it needs a lot of outdoor play and exercise. They also don’t like to be alone and want to be with their companions all the time. See what it’s like to live with a coyote. You should make sure that when feeding mountain cur, mountain cur has a healthy and nutritious diet. Treatment should only account for about 10% of the mount cur diet. We should feed mountain cur high quality dog food, which is specially designed for puppies. Be sure to check the labels on the food packages to see how much specific food you should give them, but for puppies 8 to 12 weeks old, you should give them about 4 cups of mountain cur. When your mountain cur puppies are 3 to 6 months old, you should feed them three cups of dog food. Once you are one year old, you should feed mountain cur two or three cups of dog food a day, two meals a day. Buy a Mountain cur.

What should we feed the vulnerable mountain cur?


First, mount in Cur’s intestines and stomach are relatively fragile when he is young. We can’t let him eat people’s leftovers like other dogs. We need to buy some soft dog food for him to eat, but we must choose the dog food from big manufacturers. If we have the conditions, we can choose high-quality dog food, but no matter where the dog food is, we should choose the regular one. As we said above, mountain cur, with weak intestines and stomach, couldn’t eat too hard dog food when he was a child, because his teeth were not fully grown, and they were not so sharp and hard. If we often feed hard dog food to mountain cur, it will make its teeth wear prematurely. If it is not good for future teeth, it will age faster. We can soak dog food in warm water or buy some milk to cook and soak it. But in the process of feeding, we remember that we should not let the mountain cur eat too full. Generally speaking, the mountain cur can eat eight or nine minutes full. Eating too much mountain cur can not digest and cause waste. Moreover, if we eat too much mountain cur all the time, it may cause anorexia. This is what we should pay attention to when feeding mountain cur. So we have to give the mountain cur what he wants to eat, but not too much. Let the dog keep the freshness of the food, so that the mountain cur can always keep a sense of desire for food. Only in this way can we make the long-term development of mountain cur and save the trouble of changing the dog food for mountain cur when we feed it.