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How to feed a Maltichon?

How to feed a Maltichon? You need to provide the best quality food for your beautiful maltichon to ensure complete nutrition. If you choose dry dog food, choose the size and energy that’s right for maltichon.

Keep maltichon’s healthy diet

How to feed a Maltichon? In terms of food, for a maltichon, the healthy diet of a small breed is different from that of a large breed. Of course, it should contain an ideal mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as an appropriate formula for smaller varieties. But in general, you need to remember that smaller breeds require more calories per pound than larger dogs.


Your Maltichon dog diet can also affect his skin and fur health. High quality dog food for Maltese not only provides a balanced diet, but also contains a variety of omega fatty acids. These will nourish his skin and, in turn, make his coat look beautiful. The ingredients to be noted are fish, fish oil, egg products, flaxseed and oil. Lack of Omega fat will make his fur dull and dry. It also guarantees him access to multiple vitamins and minerals. What should you feed maltichon? What is known to be good for his skin and fur are biotin, vitamin E and folic acid. If you feed him cheap store bullshit, you’ll notice that maltichon’s coat is different. So a good diet and plenty of water will keep maltichon’s coat lush.


If for some reason you can’t change his diet to one that has more omega fatty acids, another way to make sure he gets them is to give him supplements. Fish oil supplements are an excellent source of Omega fats, which come in the form of pills or liquids. Fish oil supplements are also good for his joints, organ function, nutrient absorption and overall health.

Which is the best for maltichon, dry or wet?

If there is a choice, most maltichon will eat wet dog food instead of dry dog food. However, this is usually not their best choice. Eating only wet food can lead to fecal incontinence. In addition, the texture of dry grinding powder is better for teeth. So dry bacon is the best for most Maltese, but you can add some wet food to it, or sprinkle it with a little low sodium chicken or beef soup if your maltichon needs a little encouragement. If you really choose wet dog food or home cooking for your maltichon, be sure to follow all the home dental care techniques, including chewing your teeth every day. In addition, heating food helps to encourage eating. This can be done in the microwave; however, after heating maltichon‘s food, be sure to stir it and check the temperature with your little finger or inner wrist to make sure it doesn’t feel hot. Do you want to know what Maltichon full grown look like? You can click here for more information about maltichon dog.


Grain and non-grain food

Can we feed maltichon grain? For quite a long time, cereal free food was undoubtedly the right choice for many dogs, because heavy cereal was considered to be the trigger of intolerance or allergy. However, some recent concerns about cereal free dog food have caused a pause for veterinarians and dog owners. Buy a maltichon.