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How to exercise bernese mountain dog?

How to exercise Bernese mountain dog? Friendly and kind, Bernese mountain dog may be the perfect dog for human looking for a big, hairy partner. But don’t let their sweet manners fool you: these strong Bernese mountain dogs are made for work, and they can pull things several times their weight, whether in front of sleds or trolleys. Therefore, Bernese mountain dog needs a lot of exercise to meet the needs of its work. Of course, your Bernese mountain dog may not drag the weight around, but fortunately, Bernese mountain dog is completely content to be an excellent family pet due to their pleasant personality.


How to exercise Bernese mountain dog?

Bernese mountain dog is not an apartment or apartment dog because Bernese mountain dog needs a lot of exercises. No amount of exercise can justify keeping an 80-pound dog in a home without a yard or enough room for activity. Home with yard is the best environment to exercise Bernese mountain dog, because you can reward Bernese mountain dog’s good behavior outdoors.

Don’t ignore Bernese mountain dog’s exercise needs

Although Bernese mountain dog is not as keen on sports as boxers, it needs a lot of exercise. Because of her size, you can’t choose to install a dog door and let her come and go in the back garden all day by herself.
In addition to playing with your dog in a safe yard all day, Bernese mountain dog needs to walk for at least 30 minutes every day to meet the exercise duration of Bernese mountain dog. The happiest time of Bernese mountain dog is playing games with children, pretending to be stupid and playing in the water! If you are not sure how much exercise your Bernese mountain dog needs and how much he gets, then you need to accompany your Bernese mountain dog as much as possible.
Usually, if you don’t let Bernese mountain dog exercise, your Bernese mountain dog will become lazier and lazier. Bernese mountain dog is energetic only when they are motivated, but sometimes, if they lack exercise, Bernese mountain dog will tear up their home. It’s not normal, but it’s important that you unite your dog to exercise every day to avoid this possibility. Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Exercise duration of Bernese Mountain Dog


For Bernese mountain dog, the topic of exercise is very interesting. One would argue that Bernese mountain dog requires a lot of activity, given their working-class lineage. However, due to their heavy bone structure and the tendency of joint problems, Bernese mountain dogs often experience a short-term energy burst and a long-term wave of laziness. In general, Bernese mountain dog takes about 30 minutes of intense exercise, except for a couple walking fast or spending time in the yard every day. Double the demands, motivate your dog, and you’ll reduce the likelihood of any health problems associated with obesity or heart failure. This should be a necessary step in the process of Bernese mountain dog exercise, because these Bernese mountain dogs are easy to experience health problems. You should put her daily care on your agenda to help your Bernese mountain dog live longer, healthier and happier. We cannot overemphasize the importance of proper diet and exercise. Manage your Bernese mountain dog like a toddler. Bernese mountain dog is a smart big dog, full of energy, so keep her mind and body active, otherwise she will feel bored. This is the beginning of Bernese mountain dog’s mischief, so Bernese mountain dog’s exercise is not indispensable. You should keep your dog’s diet consistent, and don’t give her human food. Eat high quality food for her age. You should exercise your Bernese mountain dog regularly, but don’t overdo it at first.