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How to exercise a Tibetan spaniel?

How to exercise a Tibetan spaniel? Tibetan spaniel is a playful dog who likes to go out and exercise as much as possible. According to statistics, if Tibetan Spaniel’s owners don’t walk their dogs for a long time, their dogs will have problems. Exercising your titanium spaniel is not necessarily a household chore, but there are various ways you can get your Tibetan Spaniel to exercise instead of overwork yourself.
There is no doubt that when your Tibetan hounds find their lead, they will jump with excitement, which is a clear sign that this time tested method is effective. We’re not suggesting that you take your Tibetan Spaniel for a sprint, but sprinting or jogging can benefit them. Why don’t you wear more suitable clothes for your own sport? For example, walking around a local pond will not only interrupt your walk but also make your Tibetan hound consume a lot of energy. If you’re tired of the old ways of walking, why not change them? Take different routes, or take different areas in the park. Some owners may not want to go jogging or running, but there is a dog jogging service to sign up for. As long as they are around you, your Tibetan hounds will be happy to accompany you.


We can play bubbles with the Tibetan spaniel

For hundreds of years, the revolving color and translucent appearance of floating soap bubbles have attracted all kinds of people and animals. Illustrations of children playing with these enchanting spheres have been depicted in illustrations at the end of the 17th century when Jean Simon Chaldean’s soap bubbles showed a young man leaning out of the window blowing bubbles with a pipe. In the nineteenth century, a soap company improved the technology of soap making and made a bubble that lasts a long time, making this way of entertainment more popular. Manufacturers eventually began selling soap solutions with a small magic wand, which was designed to make foam easier in the 1940s. Today’s bubble market includes non-toxic and aromatic varieties, as well as foam for sale in our pets, including cat claw, Bacon, and peanut butter. With its excellent visual ability, Tibetan spaniels are likely to be attracted by the visual appearance of floating spheres, and the fragrance varieties designed for dogs will further attract them to play more actively and for a longer time.

Choose the bubble of Tibetan Spaniel

Although there are many kinds of bubble children listed as non-toxic, our dog companions tend to develop restless stomachs when they ingest too much, so choosing a brand of bubble specially designed for non-toxic is usually safe for your dog. Bubbles designed for dogs usually have a smell, which will further attract your pet to chase them. Because of Tibetan Spaniel’s excellent eyesight, your Tibetan Spaniel is likely to be immediately interested in these colorful floating spheres, especially if they smell delicious. Tibetan hounds were developed as watchdogs.


Their predation ability is quite low, so their first reaction may be to bark at these strange things. You can blow the bubble down first, close to the height of the dog’s chest, so as not to scare your dog. If your Tibetan Spaniel ignores bubbles or just starts barking at them, point to bubbles and encourage your dog to catch them. If this doesn’t stimulate your dog chase, try to use the mirror method and capture some bubbles yourself, you have to tell your Tibetan Spaniel that these strange floating objects are chasing and catching. Many pet parents of bubble machines find that once their dog’s attention, their puppies don’t seem to get enough, it becomes more challenging to produce enough foam. A bubble machine is a good alternative to traditional foam blowing, which can help your Tibetan Spaniel busy for quite some time. Although these devices can liberate your hands and allow you to take pictures, they do need regular replenishment to keep up with foam production. To prevent your dog from hovering over the bubble machine or attacking the bubble from the source, you can put it on the table or counter before opening the bubble machine to make sure your Tibetan Spaniel can’t reach it.