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How to exercise a Great Dane?

If you have a good Great Dane, or you are considering buying one, and you have questions about how much exercise a dog of this size needs every day, then you have found the right place! Welcome to the big doghouse. I’m glad you’re here! In this article, you will find out how much exercise a Great Dane needs to keep fit and healthy and learn some effective ways to provide him (or her) with the opportunity to enjoy good health. Today, let’s take a look at how much exercise the Great Dane needs every day. After all, the more we know about a dog’s needs, the better his or her quality of life will be, which makes the overall dog experience more meaningful and hopefully last longer!


Great Danes need a lot of exercises

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a big Dane with a female dog, you’ve found that between the mother of the big Dane and nature, the dog can get enough exercise on any day. have a good rest! Even if you get your dog from a different source and have never met him or his (or her) mother, this natural exercise and rest ratio prevails. A big dog can do a lot of exercise in one day because it has enough energy.

Avoid doing too much exercise with a Great Dane puppy

These recommendations apply to healthy adult Great Danes aged 18 months or more. Big Danes and small dogs grow fast, which can put excessive pressure on their bodies. Their growth plates are not completely closed until they are 18 months old. Puppies don’t need long walks, and for a big Danish puppy, the best exercise is to loosen the leash freely. Avoid high-strength impact activities on hard surfaces. Mental stimulation is very important for the puppies. It can make them tired, just like physical activity.


Don’t exercise Great Dane after meals

Great Danes are at a higher risk of distention or gastric distention torsion, do not feed your Great Danes directly before or after exercise to minimize this risk. Wait at least an hour, preferably two hours before and after exercise. It is also recommended that you feed your big Dan on a high surface or from a raised bowl to help digest and prevent gastric distention from twisting.

The Great Dane needs to walk

A healthy adult Great Dane needs to walk 30 to 60 minutes a day. Instead of doing nothing for a week and training for a long time on weekends, it’s better to take a short walk every day. A person’s walking speed is very slow for a big Dane. Jogging or brisk walking can make their gait more natural and provide aerobic benefits.