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How to exchange dog food safely?

The nutrition proportion of different dog food is very different, and the nutrition requirement of different age dog is also quite different. Therefore, it is impossible for a dog to eat only one kind of dog food in his life. It is very necessary to exchange food for it properly. However, there are a number of issues to be aware of. The wrong method of food exchange can lead to rejection or discomfort. So it’s important for owners to know how to safely trade their dogs for good dog food. We have to go through the process of changing the food for the dog.


1. Why should we change the dog food?

There are many reasons to change dog food, first of all, different age stages, the dog’s nutritional needs are different. The puppy needs more nutrition than the adult dog, and the dog food hardness should not be too large, so to the adult dog, it is necessary to change the adult dog food. And long-term consumption of dog food, dogs may be tired of this dog food, resulting in a refusal to eat dog food. Therefore, changing dog food can also improve the effect of taste, improve the appetite of dogs. However, it should be noted that the replacement frequency can not be too fast, or easily lead to dog discomfort.

On a physiological basis, dogs’ stomachs are not as strong as we might think, and some dogs have fragile stomachs. Not to mention the current dogs have very much loved their owners, pampered under the puppy’s stomach is even more fragile.

On the other hand, in terms of nutritional content, dog food is usually meat. Meat is rich in protein, which provides essential amino acids for the organism. Different meats contain different kinds and amounts of amino acids. If the owner wants the dog to be able to eat a variety of protein to maintain balanced nutrition and build a strong physique, we must pay attention to the issue of the dog for food.


2. How do you properly exchange food for your dog?

To sum up, we should adhere to three fundamental principles:
1. The owner must change the dog food slowly. Because the dog has been eating regular dog food, so the dog’s stomach gradually became familiar with the kind of dog food before. If at this time dazed before the dog food completely replaced, then it is bound to let the dog’s stomach produce a certain discomfort. Some dogs also have problems with vomiting, diarrhea, and not eating. So the main safe way to exchange dog food for dog food is to observe the normal amount of dog food first, then divide the amount into several parts, add some new food every day, then gradually reduce the original dog food, add new dog food, it’s an adaptation process for the dog’s stomach.
2. The owner is also very important in the choice of dog food, the owner in the selection of dog food must first meet the taste of dogs, otherwise, even if the nutrition is good, dogs do not like to eat uselessly. The owner had better be many choose to buy a few kinds of dog food, the trial that buys these dog food. Then choose a relatively nutritious dog food from a selection of dog favorites.
3. Feed the main correct grasp of the frequency of grain exchange. Change the frequency of dog food must not be too fast, preferably the same dog food for a longer period of time, frequent change of dog food will cause certain gastrointestinal stimulation, is likely to lead to dog intestinal discomfort. If the dog has vomiting, diarrhea problems, it is likely to cause other problems.