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How to dress a Samoyed?

Samoyed is native to the Russian Arctic. This breed of dog is mischievous, clever, beautiful, noble, has a smile Angel’s title. Samoyed mostly white fur, almost no gray color samoyed, black samoyed is also extremely rare. Samoyed is smart, and it is quick to learn, docile, loyal, friendly, and not very aggressive, making her the perfect choice for a pet. So how do we dress up our beloved Samoyed dogs?

Groom the Samoyed:

When we give Samoyed a facial, we must first know what the content of the facial is. The main content of the facial is to give Samoyed a bath to keep him clean and look more hygienic, this allows them to be in close contact with their families without worrying about their health, and can also increase the depth of their friendship.


We comb samoyed every morning and evening, and every morning and evening. See Baidu for details on grooming methods. Comb types should choose a brush, elastic wire brush, metal brush, comb when the three kinds of comb and use each other.

When we give Samoyed a bath, we should have a sink just big enough to hold the dog, half the height of Samoyed, and a shower. The use of shampoo to help the dog bath can make pet fur shiny, will not hurt the hair on the pet, but also to remove odor, remove stains, remove skin discomfort after washing the sink disinfection, rinse with clean water after washing. After washing we have to help samoyed ear care, we also have to take the dog regularly check to prevent unknown diseases, parasites and so on.


Choose suitable chains:

Big Dogs like Samoyed wear p shaped chains, which are usually made of metal. When we hold a samoyed with our left hand, we must wear it in the shape of a P, leaving the chain at the side of the right ear, not at the top of the neck. When the dog tugs hard, the chain tightens, and the pain stops the dog from struggling. When the dog stops pushing, the weight of the metal ring on the chain relaxes the chain, and the dog is comfortable. After a short period of training, the Samoyed dog should know to obey your leash. If we are right-handed lead the dog to have to use another kind of chain, must remember not to wear upside down, otherwise, the chain will be tight all the time. The downside of the P chain is that it can slip down to the dog’s throat or below, and requires frequent inspection by the owner, especially if Samoyed is upset or unstable, we need to see if the leash is making the dog uncomfortable.

Because Samoyed is a mild-mannered companion dog, he would not normally bite unless provoked or pressured into it. Usually, the home should always be the prepared molar stick, to help the dog molar, or teeth too long on the health of the dog is bad. We try not to let the baby Samoyeds go to any lively places, or it will spook Samoyed. Don’t disturb Samoyed when he’s sleeping, even dogs need plenty of sleep. Play with Samoyed more often and make him happy, which is good for the relationship.