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How to dress a Golden Retriever?

The key to dressing a golden retriever is its flowing blond hair. First, we should get your dog a hairbrush for grooming. Of course, grooming a golden retriever regularly can help prevent hair tangles, keep hair clean, prevent the growth of bacteria, and affect the health and appearance of the dog. In addition, grooming can also make the dog’s hair look very smooth and smooth so that it’s a more elegant and natural appearance.


1. Grooming for golden retrievers:

People love beauty, animals also need beauty, so the beauty of your pet dog to do a beauty bar. There are a lot of people will have a golden retriever, because golden retriever this kind of pet is very smart. And they’re very docile, so we give them facials when we’re not doing anything. But it costs a lot to go to a beauty shop, so you can do it yourself at home, so how do you do it? First of all, to give their own golden hair a bath, bath time must be used to clean them with pet-specific bath liquid, so that they will remove bacteria, and then wash thoroughly with clean water.
We should comb the golden retriever once a day for 5-10 minutes at a time. After grooming, the dog is ready to be bathed. Bath time must be careful, the owner of the RUB action should be small, gentle, and comfortable strength. At the same time, do not get water into the eyes and ears of the golden retriever. After washing, be sure to dry the wet water off the dog in time. Use a hair-dryer to thoroughly dry the wet hair to prevent the golden retriever from catching a cold and getting sick. The golden retriever also needs to have its coat and toenails trimmed and dead hair removed regularly to ensure a healthy coat and a beautiful appearance. Trim your dog’s toenails regularly to prevent them from growing too long and bending, and to prevent them from scratching their owners and themselves. Here’s the catch: It’s best to trim with your dog’s own toenail clippers, and be careful not to cut into the flesh inside your dog’s toenails — or else you’ll bleed.


2. Golden Retriever’s shape

After the bath, the dog needs to be re-check the shape of the dog, with scissors to properly trim the hair, the dog’s body on the long, messy hair trim integrity. Keep the dog’s body clean and tidy, trim the dog’s hair to give it a proper shape, and make it fashionable and attractive. In addition, you can choose the appropriate exquisite dog collar or other accessories, put on the dog, let it become more beautiful.

After all, this is done, we’re going to dress them up in Nice clothes. Be sure to protect their eyes when you dress them. Don’t blindfold them by accident. If the golden hair is very messy, then take a comb to help them smooth hair, because the golden hair is very long, so sometimes we can give it a pigtail. And we can put some perfume on them. All the steps have been completed, and the last step is to give them time to sculpt. In this way, there will be a lot of choices, the owner can according to their own preferences to do some beautiful modeling. It’s actually really easy to give Golden Retriever a facial. It’s all about the specialized tools Golden Retriever uses to bathe himself, which are best purchased at specialty stores. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.