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How to Dress a Chihuahua?

For Dogs with thin coats like Chihuahuas, it’s all the more reason to keep warm. So how do you shop for a Chihuahua’s winter wardrobe? We also measure the Chihuahua’s neck circumference, waist circumference, and body length. Once the measurements are complete, the chihuahuas can be purchased in the right size, and we can make our own clothes for our beloved dogs.

1: Neck Circumference

Neck circumference refers to the circumference of the neck of our Chihuahua. Where is the neck? In fact, it is usually with a collar position around the neck, the general location of the collar clothes are here. We want to make sure the collar isn’t too big or too narrow, but we also want to leave an extra 1cm of space in the measurement.

2: Waistline

Where is the best place to measure your chest circumference? Specifically, the girth of the widest part of the front leg of a Chihuahua. Visually, it’s the widest part of the Chihuahua’s side. Usually, there’s a lot of meat in this part. Make sure you measure it carefully, and, uh, make sure that we leave out…

3: Length

Length is not the length from head to tail, but the length from the neck to the base of the tail. It is recommended that you allow your Chihuahua to stand up when measuring the length, instead of lying down or lying down, spread out your body so you can get accurate measurements.

What has been described above is only the most basic point for measuring clothes that are suitable for clothing. For example, many clothes with special shapes sold in the market need to be measured with more data. If you don’t want to bother, then you can take your Chihuahua and try it on the spot. It’s easiest.


Modern families are raising more and more chihuahuas, because chihuahuas small bodies, easy to feeding, eat less, usually good care. And chihuahuas are now raised by families who like to dress them up and make them look good when they take them to the street to buy a dog. The owner will also frequently buy clothes for the Chihuahua, but when the clothes get dirty, will you do the same for the Chihuahua as you do for yourself? Are you gonNA sterilize Chihuahua’s clothes, too? So do you have any of the following characteristics? 1. The more small dogs there are, the more accessories there are. 2. Buying three or more items of clothing for your dog is highly addictive. 3. Owners often require dog costumes to be more decorative than warm. A dog running around in clothes with a loose coat of fur, Dander, grass seeds, dust, and worm eggs tells you how dirty the clothes can be. At this time, in addition, to make the clothes wash beautiful clothes, more important to the clothes disinfection. Therefore, when washing clothes, using pet disinfectant, and drying in the sun is an essential step. Because Chihuahuas are more lively, so it likes to run around chihuahuas drill. And I like to get close to other dogs. If a dog that is close to a Chihuahua is very dirty, it can easily contaminate the Chihuahua’s new clothes. So it’s best to disinfect the Chihuahua after washing her clothes. This will kill off the germs and germs that can get on the Chihuahua’s clothes. To prevent germs from invading the Chihuahua’s body, posing a threat to its health. So, our own Chihuahua can grow up healthy and beautiful only if we put our minds to it.