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How to do with the sole injury of poodle?

Now for the owners of the poodle, the knowledge of raising the poodle has become more and more abundant. The owners also know how to take good care of their poodle. However, the management of the sole part of the poodle is often ignored. Today, let’s take a look at the damage to the soles of the poodle’s feet, and what should the owners do when they are injured?

1、 What are the damage to the soles of poodles?

(1) Stabbing in foreign bodies while walking
Dogs do not wear shoes, they are basically barefoot running outside, so the sharp foreign body can easily penetrate the poodle’s footpad. Therefore, if it is found that the poodle walks strangely, and even one of its feet is afraid to touch the ground, it indicates that there is a foreign body in the soles of their feet.
(2) Outdoor high-temperature scald
In summer, the temperature of the cement floor or tile floor outside is very high. If you don’t pay attention to avoid it and let the poodle walk on it for a long time, their footpads will be easily scalded by the high-temperature ground.
(3) Pay attention to the cleaning of soles
Every time the poodle comes back from home, the owner must help them clean their paws, especially between the toes, so as to prevent the inflammations caused by dirt remaining in the toes.

2、 How to deal with the injury of a poodle dog’s sole?

(1) First, disinfect
If the sole of the poodle is injured, but the wound is not very big or serious, the owner can handle it by himself. The most important thing is to disinfect, then apply medicine and finally bandage. However, if the poodle’s wound is very serious, it needs to be treated in the hospital.
(2) Pay attention to suppuration
Dogs like to lick their wounds, which is likely to cause wound infection and pus, so the owner must always pay attention not to let the poodle lick the wound, here they can wear Elizabeth ring.