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How to do with the peculiar smell on Corgi’s body?

When we raise Corgi, will there be the following situation: the smell of Corgi at home has been transmitted all the time. Although we will habitually clean the dog daily, we always feel that there is a smell coming from the room recently. Even if the owner drags the floor and drags it, it can’t stop the smell. So how can you make your home smell well? Let’s have a look.


1. How to get rid of the body odor of Corgi?

If it is the dog’s ear position inside the odor is heavy, then the owner must clear the ear hole for the dog, pull out the ear hair, eliminate the ear mite. If it is Corgi stomatology to release the odor, then the owner should brush and clean the teeth and remove the stones. If it is the position of Cauchy’s anal gland that releases odor, then the owner will squeeze the anal gland for it, and then take a clean and tidy bath. The owner can also use a professional pet to remove the flavor solution, preferably using a special type of dog spray, which can completely remove the strong smell of urine.

2. Pay much attention to Corgi’s diet

If the dog’s urine is red and the taste is very heavy, it is generally because the owner of the dog does not pay much attention to its diet. For example, the owner has eaten too much viscera for Corgi, or the food Corgi eats is too dry and salty. Dogs, like people, are a little bit easy to get angry, which makes urine yellow and smelly. Therefore, the main purpose of feeding is to reduce the salty food for the dog, and the owner should not feed the leftover food to Corgi.


3. Improve the behavior of Corgi’s urination

First of all, the host should correct Corgi’s personal behavior of urinating at will. Otherwise, if it continues to do so, it is unlikely to let the family solve the smell. If your dog grows up, but still has the metabolism problem at home, then you can induce the dog to urinate on the professional diaphragms, or use newspapers and periodicals to spread in a specific corner to let the dog urinate. Every time you see a dog peeing at home, the owner should issue a “no” or this kind of forbidden word on the spot. That is to say, feeding is mainly in the small dog, and now it has the habit of going out and defecating. When the dog grows up, it will be difficult to make trouble at home by gradually learning how to tolerate urine.