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How to diagnose the dog’s pseudorabies?

Rabies and pseudorabies have similar symptoms, so the main thing to do is to understand both. Pseudorabies is a disease that infects many domestic and wild animals. In general, pigs are more common and dogs are more susceptible. In pig farms, the disease usually occurs in dogs before or at the same time as pigs. The pathogen is pseudorabies, and since it’s called pseudorabies, the symptoms of the disease are similar to those of rabies, so many owners may mistake it for rabies, said Rabies. The prevalence of the disease may not be high for urban dogs, but owners also need to take precautions.


1. Route of transmission:

Rabies is mainly found in sick pigs and is excreted by nasal juices, saliva, urine, breast milk, and vaginal discharge. Therefore, sick pigs are the source of infection in various animals. Dogs often get sick from eating sick pork or dead rat meat. Although the mortality rate of sick dogs is very high, they can not excrete poison. The disease mainly through digestive tract infection, but also through respiratory tract and skin wound infection.

2. How do we get the dog rid of pseudorabies?

PSEUDORABIES are highly resistant to the environment. The virus in the meat of diseased animals can survive for more than 5 weeks, while the virus can not die until the meat has decayed for 11 days. But the virus is not resistant to chemicals, commonly used disinfectants 0.5% lime milk, 0.5% hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, formalin, etc. can quickly kill it.

3. How can we tell if a dog has pseudorabies?

EPIDEMIC FEATURES: Pigs and mice are the most important source of infection, other animals infected with this disease is mainly related to exposure to these two types of animals. The natural infection of dogs is related to the infected rats eaten by the infected pigs, and eating the infected cattle and sheep meat is the second route of infection. In addition, this kind of virus also may pass the droplet, the wound infection.

Symptoms: The dog will be depressed at the beginning of the disease, crouching does not like to move, to show indifference to the surrounding things. The dog will often change positions, staring and licking the skin, and soon the dog’s itching increased, and even severe itching and violent restlessness. Dogs often bite the affected area causing serious injury. The sick dog barks unreasonably do not respond to inhalation, the dog likes to hide in the dark place soon falls to spit the white foam, breathes difficultly, presents intermittence convulsion, dies very quickly. A rabid dog does not attack people or animals. Some dogs’ skin itching is not obvious, or even no, only the above-mentioned neurological symptoms, and soon died.


4. How can we prevent pseudorabies?

The owner usually tries to do a good job of care, do not let the dog loose. In addition, the owner should not feed the dog raw pork. The owners should pay attention to the rodent prevention and control work inside and outside the kennel to prevent the dogs from eating dead rats. In addition, sick dogs should be quarantined. If conditions, the owner can be infected with the dog can be injected with the anti-pseudorabies high immune serum, has a certain effect. Should be timely cleaning, disinfection of dog feces, urine. The owner should disinfect the Kennel with 2% sodium hydroxide solution and bury the body of the sick dog deeply. The owner usually should do a good job of sanitation and cleaning, away from the dirty area.