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How to deal with the six-month-old Corgi’s low appetite?

Corgi is a pet dog with short legs and a very healing smile. So what should be done if six months old corgi suddenly loses its appetite and doesn’t like eating more like usual? Now let’s take a look at the causes of Corgi’s loss of appetite.

1、 It could be a precursor to Corgi’s fever and a cold

If the dog doesn’t look at or eat his favorite food, Corgi may be ill. A common condition would be a dog with a cold and a fever. The sick dog is listless, sometimes vomiting, diarrhea, tears, and snorting these, the natural appetite will be significantly reduced. Encounter such a thing, the owner should pay attention to the dog moderate cold or warm, let it rest for a period of time will be good.


2、 Too much accumulation leads to poor appetite

It will also be due to Corgi’s overeating, overeating, or eating too much food that is not conducive to digestion, plus less exercise intensity, resulting in food accumulation in the stomach, resulting in poor appetite. The owner can give the dog some nutrition and healthy food to promote digestion. For the general dog flatulence, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting has a significant auxiliary effect. In addition, it is better for the owner to improve the physical fitness of the dog, moderately increase some exercise intensity, and reduce the body’s food accumulation.

3、 There are roundworms in dogs

If there are Ascaris lumbricoides in Corgi’s body, the dog will suffer from anorexia in a certain link. Ascariasis, in addition to dogs, appear anorexia, will also appear chronic thin. Therefore, after three months, the owner of the dog has carried out body repellent. The use of anthelmintics should be carried out according to the instructions. In order to keep the dog healthy, the owner must do a good job in vaccination and deworming work.


4. How to improve Corgi’s appetite?

(1) Adjust diet structure

Some pet owners have always been feeding Corgi dog food, and single dog food to eat more, Corgi nature has no appetite to eat. In that case, the pet owner can try to mix some of his favorite minced meat, yogurt, and canned dogs into the dog food, which can open Corgi’s appetite and make him eat more dog food. Usually, you can also moderately feed some fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement Corgi with nutrients and methylcellulose.
At that time in the summer, Corgi had no appetite. In summer, he only drank water and didn’t eat dog food
(2) Give me some digestive powder
Pet owners have been worried about their lack of food, so when I have delicious food, I give it a lot to eat. Corgi’s gastrointestinal system software is different from that of human beings. In addition, it lacks pepsin. Therefore, it takes a short time to absorb food materials. If you eat too much, you will easily suffer from indigestion. Therefore, you will not have a good appetite. In view of such a matter, the pet owner should first give Corgi to avoid food for most of the day to a day, and give Corgi appropriate food pet digestive powder can. In the future, we should let Corgi cultivate a healthy diet. We should feed them regularly, once in the morning, in the evening or in the evening. When we eat seven or eight points full, please don’t feed again.
(3) Carry out body repellent
If Corgi is harmed by sparganum, it is inevitable that there will be no appetite and a thin body, so that there will be nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and other conditions. In that case, pet owners should think about how long they have been away from Keji before the interval. If there is a long period of time, it is suggested that pet owners should feed Keji some insect repellents. For the sake of Corgi’s physical and mental health, pet owners should also carry out body deworming work every three months.