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How to deal with the odor of poodle?

If we want to know that poodle body odor is serious or not, we should clean it regularly. If the odor smells terrible. Then parents need to pay more attention to the following places to clean it.

1: The main purpose of feeding is to bathe the dog regularly

To know that poodle hair curly and long, so need careful care at home. In particular, if the parents do not trim the poodle for a long time, it is easy to cause the poodle’s hair to knot, which will easily lead to the breeding of bacteria and dust. After a long time, the poodle’s body will be dirty. Then, of course, the smell is generated. Parents can take a bath every half a month for the poodle. If it is to comb the hair, it is better to comb it every day. In this way, the impurities attached to the hair can be removed, and the poodle will become cleaner.

2: Paid AttentionĀ  to the ear canal cleaning of poodle dogs

To know that the ear canal of the poodle can also produce earwax, so it is important to clean the ear canal of the poodle regularly, just as we often dig our own ear wax. However, the poodle’s ear canal is relatively wet, it is easy to breed bacteria, especially may cause ear mites, which makes the odor very strong. Therefore, it is better for parents to clean the ear canal and pluck the ear hair regularly to avoid ear diseases caused by being too dirty.

3: Pay attention to oral hygiene

If the poodle does not do oral cleaning for a long time, the taste in the mouth is also big and can be smoked. After all, dogs are different from us. We can brush our teeth consciously every day. No matter how smart the poodle is, we can’t do this job. So parents had better brush the poodle’s teeth two or three times a week, and prepare some snacks and toys that can clean the mouth. After all, if the poodle’s mouth is not clean, the smell is very big, not to mention, it is also prone to oral diseases.