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How to deal with the heatstroke of the Bichon Frise?

In summer, the temperature that Bichon Frises feel will be much higher than that of humans, so they are more likely to suffer from heatstroke. It usually takes about a week to recover after heatstroke. If it is serious, the dog should be sent to the hospital in time. When the owner is aware of the dog’s symptoms of heatstroke, he makes a quick response. When the owner finds that the dog is dehydrated, or has the following symptoms, the owner should immediately send the dog to the hospital: unstable breathing, rapid and rapid; rectal temperature is very high; hunger and thirst; fatigue; frequent vomiting; blurred; tongue red and white secretion; the skin near the neck and nose does not recover after compression; dyspnea; coma; saliva is thick and thick; The heart rate increased. So what should we do once the Bichon Frises get heatstroke?


1. Understand the symptoms of heatstroke in the early stage

First of all, owners must first understand the Bichon Frise Dog heatstroke in the early stages of what symptoms. Pay attention to the symptoms of early heatstroke can avoid permanent visceral damage in Bichon Frise dogs. In general, if the Bichon Frise dogs suffer from heatstroke, they will pant excessively or loudly, vomit, be extremely thirsty and lack water, have a bright red tongue but pale gums, and have a faster heartbeat.

2. Signs of worsening heatstroke in Bichon Frise Dogs

If the Bichon Frise begins to have difficulty breathing, the gums turn red, then purple, bleeding diarrhea or vomiting, body spasms, convulsions, and eventually coma. Well, at this time, the Bichon Frise Dog heatstroke is very serious.

3. Monitor body temperature all the time

A Bichon Frise’s normal body temperature is between 37.5 and 39 degrees, and when they suffer from heatstroke, their body temperature rises rapidly to 40 degrees. Therefore, in summer, the owner must strictly monitor the temperature of the Bichon Frise, especially when they have mild heatstroke.


4. Keep away from heat sources

When the Bichon Frise dog has a slight heat stroke, the owner must quickly transfer them to a cool place with fans or air conditioning, and quickly replenish water to cool them down.

5. Cooling with cold water

If you can, the owner can use flowing cold water to wet the Bichon Frise’s body to cool down. But at this time, the owner must make sure that the water is not too cold, because the very cold water may cause the dog’s blood vessels to contract and hinder the cooling. And you can’t submerge the Bichon Frise completely in the water, because it can quickly lose its temperature and cause other complications.

6. Wipe the dog’s paws with alcohol

Alcohol can quickly evaporate and cool down, so owners can wipe their pads with alcohol to help them cool down when they have mild heatstroke.

7. See a doctor in time

After a series of emergency measures, if the condition of the Bichon Frise does not change very well, the owner should take them to the hospital for treatment.