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How to deal with tear marks in Bichon Frise dogs?

Why do Bichon Frise dogs have tears? Some time ago, I was still fine. Sometimes I suddenly found that the hair under the Bichon Frise’s eyes turned red. It was obviously different from the fur color. It looked dirty and dirty, which greatly affected the image. If the dog looks beautiful, it will affect the dog’s health. As for the cause of Bichon Frise’s tear marks, most people know that it is due to excessive fire or a salty diet. I wonder if there is any other reason. How can the problem of tear marks be solved? Let’s take a look together.


1. The cause of Bichon Frise’s tears

(1) Foreign body or hair in Bichon Frise eyes
(2) The Bichon Frise dog is short of water
(3) And the obstruction of nasolacrimal duct in Bichon Frise dogs
(4) The formation of eye dropsy is not cleared in time
(5) , dog eye problems and the formation of tear spots

2. Methods to improve tear marks

(1) Timely cleaning:

It is no doubt the most fundamental method to clean the eye excrement and wipe the tears of the bear in time to prevent the hair under the dog’s eyes from forming tear spots. You should know that once the tear spots are formed, it is difficult to clean them, especially for white and light-colored dogs. If you want to completely remove the tear spots, it can be said that it is impossible. You can only rely on the growth of new hair to gradually replace the hair with tear spots.

(2) Improving diet:

The reason why more Bichon Frise dogs have tear marks is that “the nasolacrimal passage is blocked by metabolites”. Because the so-called metabolites are mainly “the substances in additives that can not be digested”, so feeding mainly gives the Bichon Frise dogs no additives, and the feed-in line with it, so that the metabolites in the Bichon Frise dog’s nasolacrimal duct can be eliminated.
You can choose the dog food suitable for Bichon Frise dogs by the type of protein contained in the dog food, the quality of raw materials, and whether there are additives. For example, when choosing dog food, animal protein can be selected, because the absorption of plant protein dog food is not good, it is easy to cause obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct. In addition, excessive additives in dog food can easily lead to obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct of Bichon Frise dogs, resulting in tear marks. In addition, to tear marks, dog food with more additives will cause various diseases, so try to choose dog food without additives!
In most cases, the Bichon Frise dog tears are inseparable from the feed, in addition, you can also check to see if the Bichon Frise is lack water or there are foreign bodies in the eyes. Only when we understand it comprehensively, can we prevent the occurrence of Bichon Frise tears more perfectly!
If our beautiful Bichon Frises dog has two usual tears in front of him, which will not only affect its beauty but also affect his health if he has a sense of inferiority. Then how can we eliminate the tear marks? Here are some tips for you.


(3) Feed more fresh fruits and vegetables

If the owner gives the bear a long time to eat salt content is relatively high, then a long time will lead to dog tears serious phenomenon, however, the natural dog food, although contains a lot of nutrients, the vitamin is relatively small, so the owner needs a dog to supplement the appropriate amount of vitamins, such as carrots, fresh vegetables, fruit with low sugar content: than Such as bananas, apples, habits, etc., can effectively alleviate the dog’s serious symptoms of tears.

(4) Keep Bichon Frise’s face clean at all times

In our daily life, we should wash the dog’s face every day, and clean up the face after eating. We should always keep its face clean, especially to keep its eyes clean and clean, not to let bacteria grow, and aggravate the symptoms of dog’s tears.

(5) Often repair the hair coat

If there is too much hair around the Bichon Frise‘s eyes, the hair outside the eyes will stimulate the dog’s eyes, so it is difficult to avoid that the hair will affect the dog’s eye health, so the owner should regularly repair the dog’s hair to reduce the probability of eye infection.