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How to deal with poodle’s tear mark?

I believe many parents have encountered such problems. Their poodle has tear marks. Sometimes the solution is very simple, but the parents don’t understand. Next, let’s take a look at the treatment of poodle tears.


1. Daily care

In daily life, parents may not know that the food for the dog is too salty, and the dog will also have symptoms of tears. Another situation is that the hair around the dog’s eyes is too long, floating into their eyes, it is easy to cause their own tears, a long time is easy to appear tear marks. What parents need to do is to give the dog less salt food in daily life, and often repair the hair around the eyes.

2. Pay attention to diet

If the dog in daily life to eat more sugar, but also particularly prone to tears. Therefore, high sugar fruits and vegetables, owners try not to give the dog to eat but can give it a little cooked carrot, which is good for the treatment of tears.


3. Pay attention to treatment

If the poodle’s tear marks are very serious and have involved eye diseases, parents must treat them according to the instructions of the veterinarian, because sometimes the poodle has parvovirus or enteritis, it is easy to cause lacrimal gland lesions or some eye diseases. At this time, the dog may need to pluck the hair, or to cut the hair around, until the disease is really good, can slowly let the hair around the eyes grow out.

4. Change dog food

Some dog food is very salty. If the poodle is used for a long time, it is easy to cause tears, which makes the dog’s internal fire very big. Especially in the summer, parents can often give the poodle dog a little Banlangen, to eliminate internal fire, and not to let the dog’s tears appear.