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How to deal with poodle’s barking?

The poodle is a kind of lively and lively dog. They are keen on interacting with their owners and playing with their families. So if you don’t play with them for a long time and make them feel left out, they will attract your attention by calling. In addition, the poodle’s hearing is very sharp, they can sense the wind and grass in the surrounding environment, and then they will use the barking to remind their owners. So we can say that poodle is the kind of dog that loves barking. So, what should we do?

1、 Observe the cause

First of all, we need to find out exactly what reason poodle barks, because parents need to adopt different coping styles for different reasons.
For example: if the poodle barks because of mischief, the owner should stop them immediately, and then need to teach them a little; if they cry because they feel lonely and lonely, then the owner should comfort them, touch them, and hold them are good ways to comfort them; But if the poodle barks because of an abnormal environment, the owner should not reprimand them, but should be alert to see if there is any unsafe situation around.

2、 When a poodle barks for no reason, you can face it in the following ways:

(1) The owner’s loud reprimand can make the poodle quiet immediately. When outdoors, the owner can tighten the leash slightly to make the poodle realize that it can’t bark.
(2) The owner can reprimand the dog but don’t beat and scold the dog. Otherwise, it will easily damage the dog’s self-esteem and cause harm to the body and mind, affecting the growth in the future.
(3) Of course, in addition to this, daily training is also very important. When the poodle is just brought home, the owner should start to train them slowly, so that their barking will be reduced in the future.