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How to deal with ear mites in Maltese dogs?

Generally speaking, it is not a big problem if a Maltese dog has ear mites. The owner only needs to clean and take care of it. This disease will recover quickly. Therefore, once your Maltese dog is infected with ear mites, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in time, so as to make the Maltese dog healthy and keep its beauty.


1. Ear mites can’t be ignored and must be clean

I believe that the owners of Maltese must have encountered this problem, because the hair on the ears of Maltese dogs is still more, and the ears are drooping, it is easy to cause a lot of bacteria on the Maltese dogs. Therefore, even if there are ear mites in the ear is a very normal thing, but the normal mentioned here is not to tell the owners to ignore it.
Because the ear mite, if delayed for a long time, can also cause the Maltese dog to feel very painful. Therefore, this kind of small problem parents can solve as soon as possible, must solve as soon as possible. Otherwise, dragging can harm the health of a Maltese dog over time. Parents can regularly clean the ears of Maltese dogs, and use professional ear cleaning oil and cotton swab to deal with them. In addition, during the period of Maltese dogs suffering from ear mites, parents must clean their ears every day to ensure the tidiness of its ear canal. Only in this way can we completely eliminate the ear mites and return a healthy ear canal environment to the dogs.


2. Maltese need to be isolated during treatment

To know that dog ear mites are infectious. If you have a dog in your family besides a Maltese dog, you must isolate them from each other during the treatment of the dog. It is best for the owner to move the Maltese to a separate room and keep other dogs away. If you have only one Maltese dog in your family, you must disinfect the living environment around it after the owner cleans the ear mites.