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How to deal with Corgi’s ear mites?

Corgi suddenly got ear mites, and the smell was released in his ears, and he kept scratching his ears, even rubbing against the wooden floor and the foot of the wall with his ears. When the owner wanted to clear Corgi’s ears, it was still shrinking away from the owner. What should we do at this time? Let’s have a look together.


1、 It needs to be gently comforted first

When the pet owner finds out that his cocky is suffering from ear mites, he wants to remove the ear mites, but he doesn’t cooperate with each other. Don’t let go of it for a while. Because the ear mites parasitize in the dog’s ear canal and feed them with the skin of the mouth piercing technique, the skin of the dog’s ear canal will cause reflex damage, Corgi’s abscess, restlessness, and restlessness, or even deafness. At this time, the pet owner should gently soothe Keji’s mind, first touch his head, and then gradually peel off the hair of his ear to check the condition in the ear canal after Corgi has no significant resistance.

2、 Application of ear drops

After Corgi learned to let go of the estrangement and check the ear condition for the pet owner, the pet owner still needs to gently help him clear the ear canal. First, the owner can add a cotton ball to carefully remove the inner ear wall of the necessary materials. (the owner should not put the cotton ball deep into the ear canal, in case of not grasping the cotton ball well, it will not hurt Corgi’s ear, and if it hurts, he will refuse to touch it again.) After cleaning, the owner should also drop 2-3 drops of ear drops into the ear canal, and knead the earlobe by hand for 15 seconds and then loosen it. In the other ear, repeat the process.

3、 Pay attention to medical care in the middle and later period

Pet owners should not be careless. Even if Corgi can’t scratch his ears, he should persevere and apply ear drops to Corgi on time. Only by promoting in many ways can we eliminate the ear mites. In addition, in addition to feeding dog food, pet owners can moderately feed some fresh and easily digestible foods, such as carrots, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, chicken breast meat. When Corgi’s physical fitness is good, it can also reduce the probability of being infected with seven ear mites.


4、Keep the sick Corgi alone

Many pet owners know that ear mites can be spread according to close contact. If there are other cats and dogs in the house, they must pay special attention to them. They should immediately protect the sick Corgi independently and forbid other healthy pets to touch it to prevent them from being infected with ear mites. In other words, the pet owner must clean up his hands and touch other pets after touching it every time.