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How to deak with poodle’s skin disease?

In the process of raising poodles, we can add a lot of fun to us, but in the process of their growth, they will also face a lot of health problems, such as skin disease, which makes the dog sit uneasy, seriously affecting the normal life of the dog, but also affecting their appearance, the owners are more worried, so how to help dogs get rid of the trouble of skin diseases as soon as possible? What are good treatment measures? Let’s study it together!

1. Symptoms of poodle skin disease

Dog skin disease is a relatively stubborn disease, so its treatment process is relatively long and troublesome, so it needs to spend a lot of energy and patience, but for the health of the poodle, the owner must adhere to it. Poodle skin disease is also a more common phenomenon, when they suffer from skin disease, their skin will grow red envelope, itching all over the body, hair loss phenomenon, so the owner must take measures to use insecticides to eliminate parasites, but first clean the dog’s skin, and then carry out insecticidal, so the effect will be better. But for different skin diseases, we adopt different methods.

2. Treatment method:

(1) If the poodle’s skin is purulent and inflamed, the owner should disinfect the dog’s skin with hydrogen peroxide, and then apply plaster on the affected area, such as Erythrosin ointment and sulfur ointment.
(2) But if the dog’s skin disease is caused by fungi, the main feeding agent is to smear the plaster-like clotrimazole and let the dog in.
(3) If your dog’s skin disease is caused by mites, apply sulfur ointment to your dog.
(Pay attention to the above ointments. The owner must apply it to the dog three times a day for a week. )
(4) If there are fleas and lice on the dog, use insecticide drops on the back of the dog, and then give the dog medicine every day according to the actual situation.
The above is the treatment of several common dog skin diseases, the owner can take effective treatment according to the symptoms of his poodle, in addition, he usually pays attention to hygiene and food problems, and can’t give the dog spicy and stimulating food.