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How to cut nails for poodle?

If the toenails of a poodle grow too long, there are always many inconveniences. Sometimes, it may scratch others accidentally. Moreover, if you do not regularly and timely trim the toenails for dogs, it is easy to cause bending, embedding into the meat, causing swelling and inflammation of toes, which is not conducive to dog walking. So, it is absolutely necessary to cut the toenails for the dog! Take the poodle for example. How to cut it?

1. Prepare professional nail clippers:

First of all, of course, the owner needs to prepare tools for cutting toenails. Choose a professional dog nail clipper. Note that the nail clippers used here are not the nail clippers commonly used by human beings. They are not suitable for cutting dog nails. In addition, the main feeding staff should prepare professional trimming scissors, because when cutting nails for dogs, the hair between its toes should also be trimmed off.

2. Don’t let the poodle move

Dog nail clippers are easy to buy and are available in pet shops. Before cutting nails for a poodle, the main feeding method is to hold the poodle’s body and keep it stable. Then one hand holds one of its claws and the other holds its toenails to start cutting.
When pruning, the owner must observe the dog’s toenails first. Just cut off the transparent part at the front end. Don’t cut the red part at the back, otherwise, it will be easy to cut the dog’s skin. In the process of pruning, we can cut off the toenails bit by bit, so as to avoid cutting the dog’s skin.
After the toenail is cut, it will be trimmed. When the hair is trimmed, the grooming of one of the poodle’s paws is finished. Then trim the other three claws in the same way.

3. Be patient

Finally, parents should not be too anxious to cut their toenails. For poodles who are not used to cutting toenails, they should not cut them for too long at a time. They can cut them several times. If you are not careful to cut bleeding, immediately apply iodine to disinfect, and use cotton to press the front of the claw to stop bleeding. If you want to avoid cutting bleeding, you should often cut your dog’s toenails, because the toenails are too long, the veins will also grow out. Of course, if you’re afraid of hurting your dog, you’d better go to a pet hospital and let a professional doctor deal with it.
Cutting toenails is a meticulous job, especially for a dog that is easy to move and hard to cooperate with. It needs the owner to be careful and patient, and pay attention to the gentle action. Don’t be impatient. If you hurt the dog, it will be bad!