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How To Correct 5 Dog Bad Habits?

There is often a kind of dog called someone else’s dog. Your dog always likes to be a demon. You tell it to go east but he or she goes to the west, and you can’t understand their language. You can use all coercion and temptation, and you can’t torture it eighteen times. So can only give up in tears.

So the question arises, but for all true love, a little bit of patience will not be a big problem anyway, and can barely support it. Come on, it’s the age of the Internet. Dogs and useful information are everywhere. You can always check it out. Below I categorize the most basic 5 dog bad habits and the methods to correct them:

1. Biting

This is the most basic and most important. A dog that can bite people, you can’t take it out, not even the owner. No one can support it after a change. Like around the same die than put a bomb dog intention is to accompany each other, so the dog can go to the last real dog meat shop, how pathetic.

Educational methods:

At any time, whether it is playing or daily, if the dog first on the mouth, teeth, and downs impulse must be loud strictly prohibited. Meanwhile pinch to close its mouth, pinching it with both hands firmly on both sides of the teeth, mouth and let the sound of pain, and to use the very positive tone and language to educate, inform it of the error, can not. What is absolutely not allowed? Instead of asking it in a rhetorical tone, can it be? Ghosts will listen to you, they think you are a vegetarian. This is the first two practices for the first time. The intensity can be increased.

If you repeat this action, in addition to repeating this action, pat his mouth vigorously, remembering to use force, but remember that any dog ​​can not hit the nose, the passage of the bridge of the nose will not be seen again within a few minutes. Every time you do an action, you must educate. Otherwise, it will never understand or sense the error in this matter. It’s useless to hit where you make a mistake, but, and it’s not biting with your butt. puff…..

After the completion of education, put it in a corner or turn up within 20 minutes, no one was allowed to ignore it, especially the owner, determined not to have eye contact, no matter how busy it is. You have to know that the more you fight, the cheaper you fight. If it is too cruel, it will be harder to educate when it grows up because it is immune. What they fear most is being left out.

Every time you make a mistake, you must stop it, and you must not miss it until you develop a habit, or you will give up your work in minutes, and letting it go will only make you worse.

2. Rushing

This is really an act of danger. Imagine if you walk a big road and suddenly a dog pounces on you. The dog’s strength can be lower, but you have to wear white pants.  If it’s a big dog, it’s even more collapsed. Either be shaken back, or kiss the floor. Walking in the street, especially large dogs are afraid of people looked, how much you hate this bashing other is, if a child with the elderly, they might be out of a thing, What can you explain? 

Education method: This takes a certain amount of time, and there is a very troublesome key point, that is, any person, whether it is thrown, must cooperate and educate immediately. As long as it is not educated once, it must be because I love to listen to it, and I can’t change it. And some dogs have repeated cycles that need to be consolidated.

Every time you pounce, you have to grab it and pull it off, order it or press it to sit still. Conduct education.

If it is frequent, then when it comes to the back, in addition to tearing off, then do another action. Step on my foot, not to death, of course, it is also useful to make it absolutely painful. I once had a training edge, animal husbandry, after the end of the course have seen more than a year, after Adult occasional time we met, actually, Fanmao Bing, since I was little less than one meter 6, stepped on the foot, but when it jumped Stepped on. This is not dog abuse, but for its good.

3. Barking

If you have a neighbor who raises a dog, every day their house is in the middle of the night and there is a sound of ghosts howling and howling wolves, will you have the urge to kill, whether you rent a house or your own home, complaining is all the time? I guess that many people who keep dogs have moved countless times because of this, but in the end, they couldn’t keep them and had to send them away. Not to mention if you stay with it, will you want to die more. Barking is not a curse. There are actually many kinds of a dog barking. There are 3 common ones.

Hungry alone in the middle of the night, or did not go out to exercise during the day to vent enough energy.

Excitement, habit formation, the owner once indulged, and finally developed out of control.

Separation anxiety, as long as the owner is not at home, he keeps wailing hard, and there is nothing wrong with coming back.

Of course, it’s its nature to hear strangers’ voices. As long as it is not too strong, ordinary people will not stop it. Of course, this also has closed-voice training.

Education method: I think we must first figure out the reason. You must walk your dog if you keep a dog. Especially for big dogs, there is not enough ventilation to prevent them from developing badly. Even if they don’t bark, then you don’t want to sleep well at night.

If the dog is hungry, then you give it to slowly change its eating habits, bedtime snacks to give it the best.

The way of squeezing the mouth is very effective for any mistakes made with the mouth. Education should remember to take it into account, and the same is true for patting or flicking the mouth. Then came the way of coldness. Instructions that are not allowed must be repeated. Let it understand the meaning of this, of course, this is a long process, and the patient lies with you.

Separation anxiety disorder is relatively a headache, which requires a lot of patience. Note that there are 3 points.

Every time you leave home on your commute, don’t be too enthusiastic about it. Work can not say I go to work, from work it .. can not open the door to a warm what is not dry, to begin with, its intimate meal. Then it can’t blame this symptom. Every time you go out, especially when you come in, you are calm and indifferent. Don’t pay attention to it, even if it comes to you. You have to do other things slowly first without seeing it, and then slowly interact with it after ten minutes or so. Knock on the blackboard! 

It takes time to correct. Combining the first point, you can try this way. When you are at home, you can start with 5 minutes. Leave home indifferently in front of it. Close the door. No matter how it calls inside, don’t ignore it. Come back in 5 minutes and repeat the first point. Then come down, stretch the time, ten minutes, half an hour. One hour. Slowly you will find that it becomes very quiet.

The main point is that the first point is indifferent, and the time is stretched step by step. You must not be unbearable, or you must not rush back in time, and you must persist for a long time, and you cannot break the work at once

4. Urinate Everywhere

Needless to say, one of the worst things about dog keeping. I want to emphasize here that many people will ask me before raising a dog what is good. I will first ask if it has time. Because of too many young people like big dogs. What I want to tell everyone is that everyone must have time to walk! Have the time to walk! Have the time to walk! Not to mention the size and smell of big dogs. In the method of training to defecate, the habit of big dogs is developed, part of which is trained by going out.

Dogs before 6 months will not hold back urine, just like babies, the bladder is not fully developed. But the same, if the big dog is taken out to the toilet, the problem will be improved a lot. Although he still peeing at home like enuresis, it will be much better.

Educational methods:

Prepare diapers, newspapers, dog toilets, etc. Anyway, as long as you decide which toilet you want to pee in the future. Put it in a fixed location. Before you educate, you must first learn to observe your dog’s reaction before preparing to Lassa. It is the most common to go around, smell everywhere, and walk around. When there are signs of this, immediately report it to the toilet where you want it to be designated. At this time it is more time to be patient. In the early stage, it may be unaccustomed to not pulling, so you have to stay there, have a tug of war with it, and guard it until it is finished. Slowly, it will become conscious.

Of course, there will still be mistakes in the middle, so don’t hit it at this time, just yell at it. education. There is an important point in the next action, let it stay where it urinates. Take a paper towel, wipe your urine, and place it in the right place where you want it to go to the toilet. Let it smell. There is a second point here, this series of things must be completed under its sight, let it look at you, and absolutely must not look at it.

5. Tearing home

It is the most horrible to have such a dog. If you do not pay attention, your home will become a scene of war. Beat to death? It’s useless. But the matter of tearing the house must be clearly distinguished first. Some are gnawing because of the development of teeth or itchy teeth. But this is the last to tear home and build the foundation.

Except for things that grind its teeth, it must be stopped in time. Whenever and wherever, when you find it, tell it aloud that it can’t. Then it’s the same, education. Then, you have to do it once, not once. Then, what measures should be taken when the mouth is wrong. This is a habit developed since childhood. If I didn’t pay attention when I was young, I would naturally be unscrupulous when I grow up. In addition to the severe education, every time it bites, especially permanent teeth stage, remember to save it mouth to chew something out, then replaced it something you want to gnaw.

  1. When the dog reaches 6 months, it is basically a habit-forming period, so after the vaccine is complete, the training and training of habit and obedience can be started. This time is the best thing to do, take a step back, 9 months is the semi-formation period. After more than one year old, it is fixed and formed. Later, you have to correct it. Correction is the most troublesome stage in dog training. At that time, many dogs began to have an autonomous consciousness. Be sure to keep the habit from childhood to the first year ago is best used to raise the stage, the most important thing is to do this. Those fancy moves, even stupid dogs, will grow up to be taught, even if they are taught dozens of times, they can always be learned. There is no limit. Most people have a misunderstanding and think that the action must be a lot of teaching smart. I want to say that it is a foolish idea. If there is no good habit, this dog will be useless. 
  2. For dog training, we must remember that rewards are more than punishments. It blindly punishes it knowing it is wrong, but it does not know what is right. Still the same worry. Do not punish lightly, all the process must be slow, except for bad habits, when it has good behavior, it must be rewarded and encouraged. Don’t punish easily if you don’t have to. In my dog ​​training, it must be 80% reward and 20% punishment. Otherwise, the dog will get more skinny as he grows up. That’s why many people say that I’m exhausted and unable to recruit.
  3. You must learn to understand your dog in order to grasp the key points of training.
  4. All errors must be grasped. Do not grasp the present, you had punished later, it became a look ignorant forced to Wang, the dog’s memory is not so long. It will develop into later, it can’t distinguish what is wrong. And in the process of correcting errors, as long as there is time to do it right, we must give incentives to encourage and praise the way. This way it will slowly know the correct behavior. Don’t be lazy, just reward once, so remember.

I want to say that for a dog, we must not suppress its nature, we can demand it. That is to standardize behavior and habits to become a proud dog, but don’t suppress its nature with your demanding, learn to let go, enjoy the fun. Of course, in nature, there must be rules and education at all! These basic 5 dog bad habits are annoying all the time, but luckily you have this article with the methods to correct them. Hope you enjoy this little challenge!