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How to cool the Maltese?

Strictly speaking, all dogs are afraid of heat in summer. Of course, the Maltese dog is no exception. After all, their hair is so rich, so what should we do about the situation that the Marquis is is afraid of heat? Let’s take a look at some ways to help the Marquis dogs cool down.

1. Prepare sufficient drinking water

The most important thing in summer is to replenish water. According to statistics, 20% of dogs suffer from heatstroke due to lack of water in summer. Therefore, the owner must prepare sufficient drinking water for his Maltese dog. He can put more pots at home and remember to bring enough drinking water when going out.


2. Pay attention to the indoor temperature

In summer, the Barkis stay at home most of the time, so the owner must pay attention to the indoor temperature, not too high, of course, too low is not good, you can turn on the air conditioning properly, but the time is not too long, it is best to let the Marquis dogs blow electric fans or natural wind.

3. Prepare ice mats for the Maltese

Even the kind of ice pads that owners use to cushion their stools in summer, you can also buy some for the Marquis and put them in their kennels so that they don’t feel particularly hot when they sleep.


4. Homemade ice hockey

In fact, in the summer, many owners will make a big ice hockey for their dogs and put them in the house to lick. It’s a good way. The ice hockey you prepare is very big. The dog can’t eat too much at once. The other is that ice hockey can also produce air conditioning during melting. In addition, the owners can also freeze some fruit in ice hockey when they are making it, which is good-looking and delicious.

5. Change Maltese’s walking time

Even in hot summer, Maltese dogs need to go out for exercise, but if there is no direct sunlight and the temperature is low, we can take the Maltese for a walk in the morning or at night.

When we raise a Maltese dog, its diet is very important. If the diet is unreasonable or allergic food is given to the dog, it may cause gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, when feeding the dog at ordinary times, we can let the dog eat fewer meals, give it some light food, and reasonably match the nutrition, so that the dog can grow more healthily.
Some people have done statistics that dogs fed indoors live longer than those fed outdoors because the current environmental pollution is still relatively serious, dogs breathing polluted air may also cause physical diseases. Therefore, in the process of feeding Maltese dogs, we must pay attention to the health of the breeding environment. The sanitation of the general environment may not be changed, but the personal environment can still be maintained and its life span can be extended as far as possible.