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How To Control Your Dog’s Health?

After spending a lot of time with dogs, it is natural for us to treat them as our own family. Similarly, health problems should not be ignored. How can we control our dogs’ health if they don’t get regular checkups?

If the dog has the following problems to pay attention to:

Diarrhea, vomiting, excessive drooling, constant licking of the body, constant scratching of the ears or shaking of the head, excessive tears or eye droppings, strange movements, abnormal body temperature, abnormal urination, constant drinking of water, poor appetite, and desperate scratching.

What are the causes of the death of dogs?

Cancer, multiple organ failure, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, neurological disease, infectious disease, natural death/unknown cause, car accident injury, digestive disease, immune disease.

Best time to visit:

Soft stools, vomiting, poor appetite, and plenty of water.

Three main reasons for dogs seeking medical treatment:

Skin and hair problems.

Problems with absorption and digestion.

Problems arising from old age or obesity.


Questions concerning canine distemper:

Dog distemper is an infectious disease and the pathogen is a virus.

Dog distemper is also called “Hard pad disease”.

There will be more eye droppings in sick dogs.


How to deal with the abnormal temperature of the dog:

After applying baby oil to the thermometer, slowly insert it into your dog’s anus to measure his temperature.

The normal temperature of the puppy is 38.5~39℃; Adult dogs are 37.5~38.5℃, over 40℃ or below 36℃ must seek medical advice immediately.

How to deal with abnormal urination of dogs:

If your dog urinates too much, too little, too much, or too little, it is an abnormal phenomenon.

If the urine is cloudy, bloody, and does not come out as droplets, seek medical advice immediately.

Raising a good dog is a very patient thing, and it takes a long time. So once you have it, treat it well. After all, you will spend 10 years or more together, which will be the most special time in your life. Treat the problem in time, let the dog spend more time with us. Please try to control your dog’s health at any time.