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How to Clip Siberian Husky’s Nails?

Husky also had long fingernails, which would have been fine if Husky had exercised every day, and which would have worn off without causing any damage to the skin, whereas today’s pet Husky, for the most part, does little exercise, they usually walk with their owners in the morning or at night, so their nails can grow very long. If Husky’s toenails are too long, not only will they hide more bacteria and dirt, but they will also interfere with normal walking and make it easier for Husky to slip. At the same time, too long nails can pierce the wall of Husky’s foot, causing inflammation or nail breakage, making it painful to walk. So it’s essential that we trim Husky’s toenails regularly.


If your Husky’s nails are too long, it’s not only easy to scratch others, but it’s also easy to scratch the floor of your home, damage rugs, and furniture, and there’s a good chance that things like getting caught in the carpet and the whole nail will fall off, in more severe cases, it can lead to an unexpected condition such as a fracture. Here are a few tips on how to cut Husky’s nails that I hope will help.

1. Suggestion one

If you want to Trim Husky’s nails, you’ll need tools like a nail clipper. Husky says medium to large size dog clipper will do just fine, and don’t forget to pack something like a tourniquet, if accidentally cut the blood vessel on the dog’s Toe, the owner also good in time for its hemostasis treatment.

2. Suggestion two

In addition, the best time to trim your toenails is right after a bath, when Husky’s nails are softer and easier to trim after being bathed in hot water. Before you start cutting your nails, lift one of your dog’s paws up and place it on your lap. Trim your nails quickly and steadily.


3. Suggestion three

Also, since the base of each of Husky’s claws is covered with nerves and blood vessels, Husky’s nails should not be cut too short to avoid injury to the blood vessels, and only about a third of them should be cut off, that is, we just cut off the transparent part of Husky’s nails. In addition, if we don’t trim carefully, it will make Husky appear very painful, and then it will be easy to cut the nail this shadow, even very afraid, they may not cooperate with the future trim, so owners have to be careful when they trim Husky’s nails.

If you’re going to cut your nails, of course, you should have a nail clipper. It’s important to note that Husky’s toenails are not human, so you can’t use human toenail clippings to cut Husky’s nails. We should start with a toenail clipper for medium-sized dogs. This nail clipper is available at the pet store. While we trim the dog’s nails,  we should grab its paws and stabilize the dog. If we can’t secure Husky on our own, we’re gonna need a friend. Then we hold the toenail clippers in one hand and Husky’s paws in the other, and we can trim Husky’s paws.