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How to clip a teacup poodle’s nails

Teacup poodles need to trim their nails every 3-4 weeks to keep them in the best condition. A lot depends on how fast your poodle nails grow! This breed of dog is more vulnerable to brittle nails than other dogs, so it’s important to pay attention to their nails. These are the safety steps you should follow when cutting your dog’s nails at home.


1. Buy the right pliers

You should first make sure that you have safe and effective scissors for your poodle. There are three main options that you should consider cutting, all available options for your poodle, depending on its size. These options include:
Pet nail clippers: this type of scissors completely surrounds the nail and closes the nail like a guillotine. If you squeeze the scissors-like pliers, they will cut the end of the nail. We can use it on teacup poodles because they may not have very thick nails.
Scissors: more like a traditional pair of scissors, we use scissors suitable for dogs like teacup poodles because they provide the right strength to cut the nails of teacup poodles.
Nail sharpening tools: another option for cutting teacup poodle nails is to grind them up with a grinder tool. This will take longer to do than cut, but it can be another solution. There is also an additional factor vibration that your teacup poodle may need to get used to.


2. Use the necessary materials

Although it really takes only a clipper and sharpener to trim a teacup poodle‘s nails, you can use other materials and prepare the environment to make the dog most comfortable. The purpose of this is to keep the dog relaxed, so we should consider doing it where the dog can lie down and easily touch the nails. The easiest way is to have the teacup poodle claw up so you can see and cut the teacup poodle’s nails accurately.