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How to clean the claws of a Maltese dog?

Because the Maltese usually don’t wear shoes, the health of their feet is not guaranteed. For example, the claws of a Maltese dog are dirty when it comes back home after going out. In order to make the Maltese dog clean and avoid bringing the dirty things home to dirty the floor, the owner will choose to clean its paws after it comes home, but the owner must pay more attention to it when cleaning its claws. So what are the things you need to know about?


1. Prepare clean warm water:

It’s not difficult to wash the claws of a Maltese dog. It’s a common principle to wash the hands and feet of children at home. However, parents need to prepare clean warm water, and then gently put the Maltese dog’s paws in the water for careful cleaning. In addition, the cleaning of hair washing agents is also required. In addition, the toenails should not be ignored.


2. Prevent bacterial infection:

Usually, parents must clean their claws after they take the dog home, although the dog would have licked itself to achieve the cleaning effect. In particular, the Maltese dog or in the outdoor after doing sports, more necessary to clean. To know what happens when a dirty foot is licked by a Maltese dog? That is, bacteria entering the mouth are likely to make the dog sick.
Therefore, if the owner wants to let the Maltese dog grow healthily, he must keep his claws clean and healthy. And we must take good care of it in our daily life. You know, it’s not hard to clean a paw. And the owner must pay attention to a point, every time after cleaning the claws of the Maltese dog, he must wipe it clean and blow-dry in time, otherwise it is easy to cause bacteria breeding.
The owner must be diligent in daily life and give the Maltese considerate care. After all, you are the only one it loves in its heart.