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How to Clean Siberian Husky’s Ears

Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog that resembles a wolf and looks very handsome and dignified. Siberian Husky’s ears were bat ears, with deep roots and thick hair. If we don’t clean Husky’s ears for a long time, ear mites can develop. So, when we raise huskies we must think of ways to care for its ears, keep the dog’s ears clean, avoid ear disease. Husky’s ears are prone to build up dust, grease, and moisture. Their long, drooping ears easily cover their ear canals. There are also hairy Siberian Huskies, who are prone to ear infections because the air in the ear canal is not clear. As a result, we often have to examine our own Husky’s ear canal. When we find that Husky is constantly scratching his ear or shaking his head vigorously, it means we need to examine his ear canal. There are three situations to clean Husky’s ears:


1. Siberian Husky’s ear canal is clean.

If Husky’s earwax isn’t too bad, it shouldn’t be too hard to remove. We could start by removing the hair around Siberian Husky’s ears, pulling up the Pinna, swabbing some glycerin with a cotton swab, applying it to Husky’s external ear canal, and gently massaging Husky’s entire ear with our hands, to disperse the oil in Husky’s ears, put a cotton swab in the ear canal and wipe it clean.

2. Siberian Husky earwax is too hard.

If Husky not only has a lot of earwax, but it’s hard to clear, disinfect the entire Pinna with alcohol, and then go to the pet hospital to buy special pet ear drops, which are placed in the area where the earwax has caked, waiting for it to soften, just gently remove the earwax with a pair of tweezers. But parents should be careful, tweezers can not be inserted too deep, because the dog’s ears are very delicate, cleaning must be careful again. That’s why we have to stay focused. And if you see Husky struggling, you might want to remove the forceps before they puncture Husky’s eardrums。 The way we remove them is to disinfect their external auditory canal with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. we can add 3% Sodium bicarbonate or 2% boric acid to the wax. Wait until the medicine liquid volatilizes clean, after the earwax has softened, uses the small tweezers gently to take out the earwax. If Husky shakes her head, remove the tweezers quickly to avoid puncturing their eardrums.


3. Siberian Husky has ear inflammation.

If Husky’s ear is still inflamed, we’d better go to the pet hospital and buy special anti-inflammatory ear drops, and use them according to the doctor’s instructions. The parent pulls Siberian Husky’s ear up, drops into it, and then gently massages the ear with his hand to promote absorption. For inflamed ear canal, 4% boric acid glycerin ear drops, 2.5% chloramphenicol glycerin ear drops, cortisone neomycin ear drops, etc. . We should drop the liquid medicine three times a day.