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How to clean Schnauzer’s ears?

The owner couldn’t cut Schnauzer’s ear too deep, because Schnauzer’s ear canal was very tortuous, no matter what tool was used, if it was cut too deep, it would be easy to hurt his ear and eardrum, if you used a cotton swab, it is easy to push the earwax deeper and deeper, and even a cotton swab may be accidentally broken, falling in the ear canal can not get out. So we’d better use ear drops to clear the depths of Schnauzer’s ear canal.


1: Trim Schnauzer’s ear hair

Usually, Schnauzer’s ears are so hairy that it’s hard to see the inside of the ear canal. If we were to pull Schnauzer’s ears out like this, it’s impossible to get rid of the wax, and it can poke into the ear canal skin, and the long hairs on the outside of the ear canal are very prone to picking up dirt, so Schnauzer needs to have his ear hair trimmed properly before he can get it out.

First, let Schnauzer lie on his side and open his ears. If you don’t want Schnauzer to move around because of the pain, you can sprinkle some ear powder on the outer ear and give it a proper massage to spread it evenly to relieve the pain, then you can use the tweezers to remove the ear hair.

2: Clean Moderately

It is not necessary for the owner to clean the ear canal too frequently. Basically, just once or twice a week. In the ear canal, the wax visible to the owner can be cleaned with cotton or a cotton swab. Where the owner can not see and the deeper part of the ear canal, the owner can use ear oil to drip into the ear canal, then gently massage the Schnauzer root to make it evenly distributed. After a while, wipe the visible part with a cotton swab, the rest of the dirt, Schnauzer, it’s gonna come out.


3: Check Schnauzer’s ears

In these circumstances, it is not advisable to remove Schnauzer’s ear. First, when Schnauzer is already visibly grimacing and grunting, in which case Schnauzer’s ear is likely to have been infected or damaged and further damage will result if the owner continues to scrape it off. At this time the owner should check the ears to see if there are parasites outside the ears. The owner also had to check Schnauzer’s ears for lumps and odors. If a dog has a fungal infection, it’s usually a fungus that accumulates in the dog’s ears when a large amount of black foreign matter accumulates. The usual cleanup isn’t going to cure the fungal infection, so we need to get help from a doctor.