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How to Choose the Right Toys for the Golden Retriever?

When golden retrievers feel constrained, upset, lonely, or stressed, the release of stress often manifests itself in destructive behavior. Toys can help golden retrievers reduce stress and reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior. Without a toy, the golden retriever would tear at anything within reach, shoes, books, even beds, and chairs. We need to choose a toy of the right size to help the golden retriever burn off some of its energy. Some toys may be suitable for golden retrievers, but when the golden retriever grows up, it may appear smaller and should be discarded. Small toys, such as small rubber balls, maybe swallowed or stuck in the throat by the growing golden retriever. So we have to get rid of the toy pieces and the toys that have been shredded.


Avoid dangerous toys for Golden Retriever:

The golden retriever also likes a wide variety of toys. Sometimes you need to prepare four or five toys at a time and rotate them weekly. It’ll keep your golden retriever interested. If your golden retriever likes a toy very much, it’s best not to replace it. The golden retriever may bite the toy to pieces, and the pieces may get stuck in the golden retriever’s throat and even cause the golden retriever’s death. A golden retriever with aggressive bite, we should give it some hard rubber or nylon products are more durable and chewy toys. The semi-aggressive golden retriever will not bite the toy to pieces but will increase the wear and tear of the toy, they can be given some canvas or plush toys. These toys are softer and less likely to be torn apart. Golden retrievers that don’t bite aggressively can give them soft rubber toys.
When you buy a new toy for your golden retriever, you should see how it reacts to the new toy. If it’s tearing at the toy, and it’s not strong enough to be torn apart, you should take it away and buy it a stronger, more durable toy.

Different kinds of toys:

Different toys are made of different materials and have different durability. So, before we buy toys for our Golden Retriever, we need to understand your golden retriever’s biting habits and choose the right durable toy for it.
Polyethylene and latex toys are generally soft and can be made in a variety of colors. Some even creak to make the toy more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for golden retrievers who are not in the habit of aggressive biting. Rubber and nylon toys are more durable and suitable for golden retrievers with moderate biting habits. These toys often have holes made in them to make them more fun for biting Golden Retrievers to play with. Rope toys are usually made of nylon or cotton and are suitable for golden retrievers with a moderate biting habit. This is especially useful for blondes who like to play drag and drop games, and this soft, soft texture also helps maintain healthy teeth. Plush toys are soft and light, suitable for those who like to drag toys around the Golden, not for those who like to bite the Golden. Canvas toys are easy to clean and durable, suitable for those who love to bite the golden retriever.


The golden retriever has a gnawing nature, sometimes a single food is likely to lack vitamins or certain micronutrients, mainly performance for no reason to chew on items, and even to pieces such as cotton waste. In order to satisfy their gnawing desire, in addition to giving them food to chew on, we can prepare some toys for the golden retriever. Wooden sticks and non-toxic plastic products can be processed into bone shapes, can also be other shapes. At the moment, dog stores have toys for all kinds of dogs. When golden retrievers bite around the house, intentionally or unintentionally destroy household items, try these dog toys. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.