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How to choose Maltese dog food?

For pet dogs, different people raise dogs are different. Some people’s dogs are very strong, but some people’s dogs are sick. This is very important with the choice of dog food. Take the small breed of Maltese, what should we choose dog food for Maltese dog?

1. Can of the pet dog

I believe that people who have experience in feeding pet dogs should know that no matter what kind of dogs they are, they still prefer to eat canned food. Because the juicy and soft meat in cans is the favorite of dogs, so the Maltese dogs are no exception. However, the owners should not take canned pet dogs as the staple food of dogs, and the owners can eat them in Maltese When the dog is not appetizing, take the can as a supplementary food.


2. Dry meat biscuit

In the process of feeding the Maltese, the owner can feed the dog crisp dry meat cake. Dry meat biscuits can effectively increase the fiber quality and fat of dogs, so as to stimulate the development of masseter muscles of Maltese dogs. It is also a portion of good supplementary food.

3. Natural and commercial dog food

Judging from the current market situation, dog food can be divided into two types, one is natural high-quality dog food, the other is commodity dog food, and the two types of dog food also have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Natural high-quality dog food, from the perspective of raw materials, is relatively high-quality, so it can supplement balanced and comprehensive nutrition for dogs. Moreover, natural dog food does not contain any additives, so it does not cause damage to the dog’s body, but the price is relatively high, and some owners may have some difficulties to bear it;
The biggest advantage of commodity dog food is that the price is relatively low, but from the point of view of nutritional value, it is much lower, and there are more additives in dog food. If Maltese dogs eat it for a long time, it will cause greater damage to the body function, and even may endanger life, so dogs must not eat for a long time.
If family conditions permit, the owner should consider the famous natural dog food on the market, which is conducive to the growth and development of Maltese dogs.


4. From the outside packaging

Generally, we can also see the quality of dog food from the package. If it is natural and high-quality dog food, the general packaging is relatively tight, and moisture-proof and anti-drying measures are done better, so even if the time is longer, but the dog food will not go moldy, but inferior dog food can not guarantee this.

5. From the smell

Natural high-quality dog food generally has a light fragrance of natural dog food after opening the bag. However, after opening the bag, the more obvious flavor of poor quality dog food is that the taste of food additives is relatively heavy, so there will be a pungent aroma, friends can focus on distinguishing.
The above are a few simple methods to select high-quality dog food for Maltese dogs. For example, from the appearance of dog food, it can also distinguish high-quality dog food and poor quality dog food. Here, I will not explain it.