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How to choose a Snorkie puppy?

Choosing a hybrid dog, shorke, is a challenging task. You may get a popular companion or an unpleasant surprise. Of course, you need some knowledge when choosing snorkie. Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a snorkie.

Things you need to consider

Snorkie may not be as expensive as a purebred dog, but you need to take care of it like any other dog. You need to provide it with a balanced diet, licensing, vaccination and parasite control. You need to dress up, too. In addition, it is difficult to measure the size of snorkie. You don’t know which parent. So it’s hard to predict how much it will grow. You can’t judge its personality. Again, you can’t tell which parent will determine its characteristics and behavior quirks.


Advantages of snorkie

All hybrids have a reason. First, snorkie doesn’t inherit the health of her parents. Many of them are hypoallergenic and good pets for allergic people. Of course, many of them have the physical characteristics that their parents expect and are incredibly cute.

Selection of breeder

It’s not wise to buy a snorkie from a pet store, whether it’s a hybrid or not. Many of them get their puppies from a puppy factory, where the environment is dirty and cramped. These puppies are often malnourished and physically defective. You need to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder. This person should know how to raise a beagle. He should vaccinate all the puppies so that you can meet their parents. Meeting your dog’s parents allows you to predict their physical characteristics and temperament. In addition, he will keep dogs in a spacious environment.

Observe snorkie’s behavior

When you choose a snorkie puppy, you have to make sure it responds to the treatment. Raise or cradle future puppies. The less they resist you, the better. Such a dog will become an obedient pet. You need to spend time watching dogs. You will be able to recognize domination and obedience. Dominant puppies have more chances to suck their mother’s nipples than submissive puppies. You can choose a dog that suits your personality. Buy a Snorkie.


Snorkie appearance

Because it’s a hybrid, every dog looks different. Its physical characteristics may be similar to that of its poodle, which is bigger and stronger than Yorkshire. It has a lively, proud attitude. This dog has V-shaped legs. Most shorkies are between 12 and 14 inches tall and weigh between 13 and 18 pounds. They have round flat heads and big wide eyes. These may be blue or brown.