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How to choose a Schnauzer?

Before buying a Schnauzer, we should have a basic understanding of the Schnauzer’s body type and general knowledge, so that we can be more sure when buying a Schnauzer. Here’s a look at 10 simple ways to pick and choose a true schnauzer.


(1) Schnauzer’s body type:

One of the most important things we did with Schnauzer was to be strong and athletic. A good schnauzer puppy, for example, has a muscular build and a slightly square body.

(2) Schnauzer’s eyes:

Schnauzer’s eyes are ideally sized. Should not choose the eye is too big or eyeball protruding outwards. The eyes should be dark or black.

(3) Schnauzer’s limbs:

The Miniature Schnauzer should have strong legs; the forelegs should be straight, the hind legs should be sloping, and the thighs should be well muscled. The feet should be round and have cat-like toes. Also, the head should be long and narrow with a flat forehead

(4) Dorsal crest:

A good schnauzer should have a strong, straight back and a long, slightly arched neck.

(5) Schnauzer’s color:

If the hair on the Schnauzer body is too short, pure white hair or body has white spots, the Schnauzer is inferior.


(6). Schnauzer’s body hair coat:

Schnauzer’s body hair should be thick. Schnauzer’s body height and weight should be within the standard range, generally about 30 Miniature Schnauzer; weight about 78 kg.

(7) Schnauzer’s jaw:

If schnauzer upper jaw or lower out, incisors can not do scissors bite, see people timid, it does not meet the breed standards.

(8)Schnauzer’s  breasts:

If schnauzer cheeks too much expansion, chest too wide or too narrow, tail roots low, back is not straight and so is not a good breed.

(9)Schnauzer’s ears:

Good Schnauzer’s ears are straight up in a “V” shape with the tips slightly tilted forward.

(10)Schnauzer’s evidence and vaccines:

If the owner makes a purchase decision, be sure to ask the vendor to obtain the dog pedigree certificate, vaccination, and so on. Not only is it good for your dog’s health, but it also gives your dog an identity.

Last but not least: When a breeder buys a purebred Schnauzer, it’s best to see its mother, so that they can get a sense of the size of the Schnauzer puppy.

In a litter of Schnauzers, don’t just pay attention to the Schnauzer you want to pick and you had better look for other sick dogs. As long as a dog is sick, especially bacterial or viral infections and skin diseases, the other Schnauzers living with it are very likely to be infected, so if you find one is abnormal, you should carefully consider whether it is necessary to buy one.

We’re going to see if there’s any fear of a stranger’s hesitation of the Schnauzer or its tail pinching and its eyes dodging. In this case, the Schnauzer pup will have some difficulties in adapting to the new environment.