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How To Choose A Golden Retriever Puppy?

The Golden Retriever is a relatively modern and popular breed of dogs. It is a single hunting dog bred as a hunting dog that is used to hunt wild birds. Nowadays, it is one of the most common domestic dogs, because the Golden Retriever is easy to raise with much patience, and does not require much time of the owner, as long as regular exercise, food, and veterinary physical examination are enough. The uniqueness of the Golden Retriever lies in its likable character. Therefore, there are not a few people who like a Golden Retriever, but how to choose a healthy Golden Retriever puppy is difficult for many people. If you want to learn to pick a dog, the first thing that you need to do is to have a better understanding of the characteristics of your favorite dog. This article mainly introduces some characteristics of Golden Retriever puppies, hoping to help owners choose Golden Retriever puppies.


Many people say that sometimes puppies are in poor health, but the dog dealer will not take the initiative to tell you. What should you do in such a situation? As long as there is a health problem, there will be more or less signs, which depends on whether everyone will find it by themselves. For example, if a Golden Retriever has diarrhea recently, and some yellowish-brown secretions will leave under its tail. You can have a look at this place first when picking a Golden Retriever puppy so that you can select a healthy Golden Retriever puppy.

There are many signs on the paws of a dog, such as its footprints. If you see a golden hair pad not only cracking but also not soft at all, then such a dog, you’d better not choose. As long as there is no problem with blond hair, this situation will not happen.

Besides,from many people’s point of view, Golden Retrievers seem to be very obedient, so when some owners choose dogs, they find out that some Golden Retrievers do not move very much. What you must know is that being obedient doesn’t mean that they don’t like to move. Golden Retriever is famous for being so happy. When picking a dog, you can tease your favorite dog. If it doesn’t have any reactions, or it is not wilting at all, there must be health problems on this Golden Retriever puppy.


If the Golden Retriever is healthy, then its ears must be extremely sensitive, and both ears are particularly fond of moving. You’d better carefully observe the inside of its ears, the whole ear canal is also very clean, without any other smell. In the same way, healthy golden-haired eyes will be especially bright and clean, and very smart. Some people don’t pay much attention to these aspects, it is easy to pick out a sick Golden Retriever puppy, and subsequent breeding is very troublesome.

A healthy Golden Retriever puppy owns clean and hygienic blond hair without any diseases and the skin of the puppy is very smooth. By touching a Golden Retriever puppy, you will not feel any buttons. Generally speaking, dogs with furry have poor hygiene. More importantly, they breed various bacteria. It was not clean most times. The following tips are about how to choose Golden Retriever puppies in detail.

Carefully observe the head of the Golden Retriever puppy

When selecting, it’s a better choice to pay attention to the head of the Golden Retriever puppies. Only purebred Golden Retriever puppies will have obvious bulges behind the head, which is a unique feature. Once there is no obvious bulge, the Golden Retriever must not be purebred. At the same time, you’d better observe the depth of the color of the depression under their nose. The darker the color, the purer the breed of your Golden Retriever puppy.

Observe the bone mass of Golden Retriever puppies

The paws of a breed of Golden Retriever puppies will have small Golden Retrievers, and the paws will become particularly thick, and they should be about five centimeters horizontally. The bone mass of the Golden Retriever is particularly the most important in its lifetime. A puppy with a significantly insufficient bone mass will be bad for the future and cannot be a good dog. Therefore, even in daily feeding, you must choose a dog food with high calcium content to feed to strengthen bones and physical fitness.

Observe the mouth of the Golden Retriever puppy.

When you choose a puppy, it’s a good idea to hold their mouth with your hand. You’d better choose a wide-mouthed dog because a narrow-mouthed Golden Retriever is likely to grow into a pointed-mouthed dog, which looks ugly. So when you hold the mouth of your Golden Retriever with your hand, the stronger your puppy is, the better it will look. 


Observe the hair of Golden Retriever puppies

The so-called Golden Retriever ought to be better if the hair is golden, but purebred Golden Retrievers still have light, black or white hair, which depends on personal color preference. The hair of good puppies should be thick and have obvious distribution and gradual tendency. During the breeding process, they should be fed more natural dog food with deep-sea fish oil to help them consolidate the gloss of their hair and make a beautiful dog.

Observe the tail of Golden Retriever puppies

When the puppies of Golden Retriever puppies standstill, their tails will only hang down or be caught behind their buttocks. If its tail appears otherwise, it means that this Golden Retriever may have some kind of health problem.


Through the above methods, the purebred Golden Retriever puppies can be selected. The owner must pay attention to the feeding of the dog after selecting the proper puppies. It’s a good choice that you’d better not feed some indigestible food. Dedicated milk powder, mushy rice porridge, or soft soaked dog food are the best choices, such as meat, chicken legs, and bones. You could try to feed them in small amounts because the puppies have a weaker stomach. Besides, human food cannot be fed to your dog, because generally, the salt and oil content is relatively large, which is not suitable for the dog’s body. Owners can choose some high-quality natural foods to help their dogs grow and develop. In addition to feeding dog food, you can also feed natural foods like egg yolks and carrots to beautify the hair of your Golden Retriever puppy! Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.